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Modern Sightings Give Hope the Tasmanian Tiger May Have Survived Extinction

Exemplore logo Exemplore 1/8/2023 Cassandra Yorgey
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Either by luck or by Jurassic Park style scientists...

Even more heartbreaking than an extinct species is a species driven to extinction solely by humans, such as the Tasmanian tiger. Also known as the thylacine, these amazing marsupials resembled a wolf with zebra-like stripes on its rear half. Unlike other cryptids, this creature was definitively proven to exist but was declared extinct when the last known surviving member of the species died in a zoo in 1936. Despite all official claims of extinction, sightings of these animals have continued regularly in both Tasmania and mainland Australia.  

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The thylacine was hunted to extinction due to the belief it was responsible for attacking the livestock of farmers and bounties were placed on them, which led promptly to their rapid disappearance. The video shows old footage taken in the zoo of the last documented specimen, allowing the viewer to get a feel for what the creature looked and moved like before cutting to modern day footage in a parking lot that shows something that definitely resembles a thylacine, although perhaps a bit smaller. 

The poor lighting in the parking lot makes it impossible to make out any coloration or patterns on the coat of the creature, however the silhouette does have a carnivorous marsupial appearance. After the thylacine’s extinction the next largest would be the Tasmanian devil which grows to about two feet in length or three if you count the tail. This could be what we are seeing dash across the parking lot, although the coloring on devils is black with white patches as opposed to the striped coloring of the thylacine.

Those who believe the Tasmanian tiger is still roaming the wilds of Australia sometimes attribute it to luck and a few lone survivors who managed to find each other and breed without human detection. Others think it could be the result of genetic experimentation in the style of Jurassic Park in a secret attempt to reintroduce lost species to the planet that would be here if not for humans.

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