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Orb UFOs Filmed in Fairbanks, Alaska

Exemplore logo Exemplore 9/2/2022 Diana Logan
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Look at them move!

Though it’s easy these days for anyone to point their cell phone camera at a light in the sky and say they are seeing a UFO, there are certain behaviors that documented UFO types exhibit that aren’t that easy to explain by referencing known aircraft or other things that make lights in the sky. One of the commonly observed behaviors of “real” UFOs is their sudden movements that seem to defy the laws of physics. “Orb” style UFOs, for example, most often appear as shimmering balls or points of light, and often break off into several pieces which move in formation.

And that’s precisely what this man filmed in the sky recently in Fairbanks, Alaska. 


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In this video, which is over four minutes long, a man films an unusual blinking light in the sky. Though casual viewers might dismiss it as a conventional aircraft, it exhibits some very strange behaviors over the course of the recording that have UFO enthusiasts stumped. At 1:03, it suddenly “splits” in two, and soon after, the first light disappears. At 2:30, it splits again, this time into three blinking lights. At a few other places in the video it “zips” very quickly from one point to another in the sky.

After posting this incident on Reddit’s r/UFO forum, the original poster was comforted when many of the UFO watchers in the group confirmed that they had seen similar mysterious behavior in their own sightings, and a couple of them claimed to have seen them in Alaska before, too. 


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