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People Swear They Spotted a Helicopter-Sized UFO In Baltimore

Exemplore logo Exemplore 2/3/2023 Diana Logan
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UFO reports have been steadily rising in frequency over the last few years, possibly due to the increased use of drones and other small, anomalous aircraft. But in 2023 it seems to have reached fever pitch. Russia has announced that they shot down what they described as a UFO and just this morning, the U.S. Government revealed they have been tracking a Chinese spy balloon that many have mistaken for another UFO.

But not all unidentified flying objects are made the same. This video, sot of a possible UFO over Baltimore in January, is still up for debate.

Click here to watch the video.

In the video, a man claims this shiny silver ball is “the size of a helicopter” and was flying in such a straight line, and so quickly, that observers figured it must have been crafted by someone—or something—intelligent.

But is any of this true? It’s actually quite easy to be mistaken about size and distance in a clear blue sky with no other objects or clouds to help determine scale. What people might be mistaken for a helicopter-sized craft might actually be hundreds of meters further away than they think. Also, balloons can be quite large.

And as for the speed and direction, especially if this is balloon caught in a jet stream at high altitude, its immense speed and trajectory is not as unusual as it may first appear.

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