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'Perfectly Captured' Pic Turning Cat Into Fire-Breathing Pet Stuns Internet

Newsweek 7/28/2022 Anders Anglesey
A stock image of a cat sitting in front of a fireplace. The cat looked as if it was able to breathe fire. © Getty A stock image of a cat sitting in front of a fireplace. The cat looked as if it was able to breathe fire.

A "perfectly captured" photograph of a cat seemingly yawning as the sun set made it appear as if the feline was breathing fire.

Fire-breathing antics are typically reserved for circus acts or mythological creatures like dragons, but one cat seemed as if it too had the mastery to conjure flames.

In a viral post shared on Reddit's popular oddlysatisfying group, which can be seen here, user asilvertintedrose shared a photo of a cat with the caption: "The sunset lighting makes it look like fire breath."


And, as stated, the perfect alignment of the yawning cat and the sunset bursting through the blanket of clouds in the distance made it seem as if the feline was indeed breathing fire.

Since being shared online, the post has attracted more than 48,100 upvotes and some 272 comments.

Content involving cats and their antics is among the most popular across multiple platforms on the internet.

This is not surprising as millions of homes in the U.S. have at least one feline in them and, in many cases, multiple cats.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, over 31.8 million homes in the U.S.— i.e. 25.4 percent of households—had at least one cat in 2018.

Per household, the average number of cats was 1.8

The stunning photo managed to garner many comments, with many Reddit users taking the opportunity to compliment the image and make jokes.

One Reddit user said: "You have a horrifying kittymonster. Meow."

Another user simply commented: "Perfectly captured."

And one commenter on Reddit created a fantasy epic around the photo: "And all the mice in the village looked upon the sight and mourned because they then knew that their fate was sealed.

"Catzilla with a yawn turned her eyes upon the town and flames went forth through the streets, consuming everything that stood in front."

A fourth posted: "Wow, that's actually really cool man."

Newsweek has contacted asilvertintedrose for comment.

There have been numerous occasions where cats and other pets have attracted tens of thousands if not millions of views and interactions online.

Earlier in July, a cat that hilariously clung to her canine friend went viral on the social media platform TikTok.

The video, which has been viewed more than 8 million times online, showed adopted cat Berinjela latching onto 3-year-old dog, Luna.

When the owners went to grab the cat, she held onto Luna's fur and was not willing to move, resulting in hilarious footage.

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