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Playable Copy of Infamously Canceled Star Wars: Battlefront III Game Surfaces

CBR logo CBR 5/5/2022 Sorrel Kerr-Jung
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A third entry in the original Star Wars: Battlefront series entered production in 2006 before being unceremoniously canceled in 2008, but one playable copy of the PSP game has been discovered.

Developed as the third entry in the popular series, Star Wars: Battlefront III was canceled and presumed lost forever -- until Reddit user MissFeepit shared pictures to r/Gaming of a copy of the game owned by her fiancé. MissFeepit's fiancé received a playtest-ready copy of the game from a relative who worked with LucasArts at the time of development. Somehow he managed to keep it after the developers ultimately canceled the game.

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My fiancé has a playtest copy of the canceled Star Wars: Battlefront III for PSP from gaming

The lucky owner of what is seemingly the only playable copy of Star Wars: Battlefront III in existence found the game while sorting through his collection. According to the Reddit post, the game plays fine and contains functioning AI and a capture-the-flag mode as well as the series staple Conquest mode. The PSP disc is apparently in good condition without any visible damage, and the game runs well.

After its cancellation, Battlefront III's development team shifted its focus to a new title for the PSP and Nintendo DS called Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron, reusing many of the assets from Battlefront III. According to comments on the Reddit post, many of those assets are visible in the shared screenshots, suggesting that the build of Battlefront III that MissFeepit's fiancé owns was likely from relatively late in the game's development before changing directions.

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Back in February, footage of Battlefront III's intro was restored by dedicated Star Wars fans. That footage, restored from leaked videos of early alpha milestones, shows a bit more of the game in motion. The Reddit post contains only static images of the game, captured from an external camera rather than a PSP capture card.

Fans may never be able to play Star Wars: Battlefront III officially, but the original Star Wars: Battlefront and its sequel, Star Wars: Battlefront II, can both be played on Microsoft Windows as well as Xbox and PlayStation 2. The series was rebooted in 2015 with Star Wars: Battlefront, playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. That title received a sequel, available on the same platforms. The rebooted series reportedly also had a third title in production that was canceled due to high costs, making it the second Star Wars: Battlefront III to die in development.

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