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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Comparing Pawmi to Past Pikachu Clones

GameRant 11/23/2022 Smangaliso Simelane
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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet break a lot of franchise trends, such as with the professors. Some things have stayed the same, however, including the addition of a new Pikachu clone for the generation. This time around, players get Pawmi, an orange, quadrupedal rodent that can occasionally stand on its hind legs. Unlike most Pikachu clones, Pawmi is capable of evolving. After walking around with it for long enough, it eventually evolves into Pawmot, a fluffy rodent that is Electric/FightingType.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet use Pawmi to show off one of its new evolution mechanics, which makes the rodent a memorable Pikachu clone. It is quite an adorable Pokemon compared to past Pikachu clones, which should encourage players to keep it in their team. It is also relatively easy to find around Paldea.

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Pokemon Gold and Silver - Marill

The first Pikachu clone is arguably the most interesting. Marill, known by some fans as Pikablu, is a round, mouse-like Pokemon that was a Water-Type until later becoming a Water/Fairy Dual-Type critter. It has become a fan favorite thanks to how adorable it is, and its appearance in the anime series as Tracey's Pokemon. It is often seen bounding on its tail which has a round ball on its end. It also has a bit of an interesting backstory because it leaked prior to the release of Pokemon Gold and Silver, allowing gamers to see early versions of the creature. This allowed gamers to discover that it was originally pink, and its tail wasn't zigzagged. Both Pawmi and Marill are cute critters, but Marill edges the yellow rodent out in terms of design.

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire - Minun and Plusle

Ruby and Sapphire broke tradition by featuring two Pikachu clones - Minun and Plusle. These cute rodents are based on batteries, with Minun being negatively charged with blue-tipped ears, and Plusle being positively charged with red-tipped ears. As the Pokedex reveals, these Electric-Type Pokemon love cheering on their teammates, and they can make pom-poms out of electricity, which they use to encourage their friends. Although these cheerleaders are adorable, there is nothing too special about them, and their designs are quite plain, which is why Pawmi may be the more interesting Pokemon. Pawmi also has the advantage of having an evolved form, giving players more reason to spend time with it.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl - Pachirisu

Diamond and Pearl introduce yet another Electric-Type Pikachu clone. Much like Minun and Plusle, there really isn't too much that is special about Pachirisu. It has white fur with a blue stripe running down the back of its body. The Pokemon also has a bushy tail that makes it look like a squirrel. Like Pikachu, it also has round patches on its cheeks that it uses to conduct electricity. In the anime series, Dawn catches a Pachirisu. There is simply nothing about this Pokemon to make it stand out, and for that reason, Pawmi is the superior option, although the shiny Pachirisu with a pink stripe is hard to say no to.

Pokemon Black and White - Emolga

Emolga is a small Electric/Flying Pokemon that looks like a flying squirrel. It has a round face, black ears, and yellow patches on its cheeks. It also uses the yellow membrane between its legs and arms to glide between trees. Thanks to its Typing, Emolga is a competitively viable Pokemon, though its low base stats make it relatively frail. Emolga's unique design makes it stand out among Pikachu clones, and whether Trainers prefer it or Pawmi will depend on personal preference.

Pokemon X and Y - Dedenne

Released in 2013, Pokemon X and Y take players to the Kalos region which is inspired by France. As players explore, they may discover Dedenne, which is the generation's Pikachu clone. Dedenne is an Electric/Fairy Pokemon that looks like a round, orange mouse. Black whiskers emanate from the red electric patches on its cheeks. According to its Pokedex entry, it uses its whiskers to transmit radio waves and communicate with other Dedenne. The Pokemon sort of looks like a squashed-up version of Pawmi, as they are both orange. Once again, which design players prefer will depend on personal preference.

Pokemon Sun and Moon - Togedemaru

Pokemon Sun and Moon bring another spectacularly round Pikachu clone. Togedemaru is an Electric/Steel Pokemon. Its front is white while its back is gray with brown and yellow triangular markings. The Pokedex describes it as the "Roly-Poly Pokemon," claiming that once it starts rolling it cannot stop. Its Typing makes it extremely weak against Ground-Type moves, which is something players should keep in mind if they plan on making it part of their team. Although Togedemaru is cute, it is out-cuted by other Pokemon clones like Marill, Dedenne, and Pawmi. Nevertheless, its Electric/Steel Typing does make it a unique Pokemon clone.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Morpeko

One of the most interesting Pikachu clones is Morpeko. It is an Electric/Dark Pokemon with two forms. Upon initially entering a battle, it is in Full Belly mode, and it looks like a happy rodent with golden fur. It can also change into Hangry Mode, which turns it black and purple. According to the Pokedex, the Pokemon gets up to all sorts of evil deeds until its hunger is fulfilled. Thanks to the way it drastically changes depending on how full its belly is, Morpeko is one of the few Pikachu clones that may be better than Pawmi both in terms of its design and its backstory.

Not all Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet are clones, although a few are inspired by critters from past generations. The regional variants offer examples of convergent evolution. Tentacool becomes Toedscool, a Grass/Ground Pokemon that lives in muggy forests, while Diglett becomes Wiglett, a white, worm-like creature that buries itself in the sand when it senses danger.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

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