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Speed camera system could be installed near Edmonds schools

KOMO-TV Seattle 2 days ago Joel Moreno, KOMO News Reporter
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Cameras could soon watch for speeding drivers near three schools in Edmonds, the result of a proposal by Mayor Mike Nelson to start a pilot project to improve safety.

The schools under consideration are Westgate Elementary, Chase Lake Elementary and Edmonds-Woodway High.

“Increasing pedestrian safety is a top priority for our city. Pedestrian injuries and deaths are preventable. Reducing vehicle speeds with speed enforcement cameras at schools is a proven way to protect our most vulnerable,” said Mayor Mike Nelson in a news release.

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A traffic study showed a potential need for better enforcement of speed laws in the neighborhoods of the three schools. For now, two cameras will be installed near the high school and one camera near each of the elementary campuses. Additional cameras at other school locations could be put in place in the future, according to the news release.

“With so many youngsters out there, with the high school and middle school, I think it's a good idea,” said Lyn Gardner, who lives near Edmonds-Woodway High.

Others aren’t sure surveillance technology is the best approach to improve safety.

“I don't think it's as effective as actually having police officers with radar guns to be able to get to it,” said Cindy Taylor.

Some questions the fees and what will be done with the revenue.

“I think it could help but at the same time I'm always suspicious when the city suddenly starts wanting to do that all of a sudden,” said Paul Hanson, who lives in Edmonds.

The Edmonds City Council must now take up an ordinance to allow the cameras to operate. A timeline for the program has not yet been made public, and funding to launch the camera system must be approved by December, when the 2023 budget is finalized.

If the program is implemented, city officials said the fines will be used to fund pedestrian safety improvements throughout the city. A campaign is planned to educate and inform the public before any enforcement takes place.

Speed camera system could be installed near Edmonds schools
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