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Star Wars: Could a Droid Be Force-Sensitive?

CBR logo CBR 6/26/2022 Ben Hardwick
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Throughout Star Wars, the true nature of droids has always been a tricky topic to tackle. And combined with the subject of the Force, things get even more difficult, as much of the Force is still left unknown. Many Jedi have tried to understand it, yet the Force seems to work in mysterious ways, and often has an unpredictable will of its own. So the question remains: could a droid be Force-sensitive? And while most may think it's an obvious "no," the true answer is far more complicated.

The main argument against Force-sensitive droids comes from Obi-Wan, as he says "The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. And binds the galaxy together." With the mention of "living things," it seems to rule out droids due to their mechanical nature. However, non-organic objects have been known to connect to the Force, which does complicate things.

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Kyber crystals, used to power lightsabers, are a prime example of non-living objects with the Force flowing through them. Not only are they used to create the colored blade, they often reach out to Force-sensitives with a soothing call. Then there are objects like holocrons, which were constructed as storage devices for important information. These also had a connection to the Force, despite being a hand-crafted item. So going along with this idea, it's not impossible for a droid to be constructed out of Force-sensitive materials.

However, it's one thing to have the Force flowing through an object, and another to actually use its powers. Because a droid's mind is entirely artificial, it likely wouldn't have the capability to sense the Force, let alone use it. Although, the level of consciousness from droids is still debatable. On the one hand, there are lines from Obi-Wan like, "If droids could think, there would be none of us here, would there?" -- which suggests they are programmed machines and nothing more. But then there are characters like R2-D2, who develop so much personality and free will that the line between machine and consciousness is blurred.

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In old Star Wars canon, a few Force-sensitive droids did exist, although they were incredibly rare. Most notable were the Iron Knights, who were Force-sensitive crystals that could move when hooked up to a droid body. And there was also Skippy the Jedi Droid, who was the R5 astromech that blew up it's motivator in Star Wars: A New Hope, which led to Uncle Owen buying R2-D2 instead. Although, this story was considered out-of-canon, even in the old legends.

As for current canon, there's still no sign of any Force-using droid. And so, with billions of droids existing in the galaxy, it feels like it's an impossibility. While there may be some loopholes, such as a Force-sensitive mind being attached to a droid body, the standard droid from an assembly line won't be able to use the Force. But maybe one day, as the gap between man and machine seems to come ever closer, especially with droids becoming more intelligent along the Star Wars timeline.


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