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The 7 Best Extensions You Can Use to Personalize Chrome

MUO logo MUO 7/21/2022 Tayo Sogbesan
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Google Chrome allows you to personalize your experience by adding a variety of extensions. By using high-quality extensions, you can maximize the functionality of your Chrome browser.

As such, you can add multiple extensions to Chrome that work with existing functions, elevating your browsing experience. From Momentum and Stylus to Tabby Cat and Cute Cursors, here is a list of the seven best free Chrome extensions that can give your tabs a personal touch.

1. Momentum

Momentum is one of the most versatile Chrome extensions and a true customization powerhouse. It offers a long list of inspirational images for the background of any new tab.

This extension facilitates increased focus while fulfilling goals faster and more consistently with your customized dashboard.

Momentum also includes a universal clock with weather infographics and nature references. In addition, it sports a to-do list where you can set daily goals for yourself, giving your new tab a refreshing and more structured feel.

Key Features

  • Alarm and scheduled reminder
  • Motivational quotes and daily planner
  • To-do list manager
  • Easy toggles of favorite apps and websites
  • Local weather infographics
  • Google and Bing search options that are customizable, private, and secure

Download: Momentum (Free, premium version available)

2. Stylus

When it comes to themes and Chrome visuals, Stylus is the ideal customization tool.

It offers redesign options for your Chrome. In addition, Stylus allows you to easily install themes and skins for many popular sites and third-party applications without modifying your browser's configuration.

Stylus allows easy installation of custom themes from popular online repositories. In addition, you can create, edit, and manage your personalized CSS style sheets for the website style of your dreams.

Key Features

  • Variety of theme installation options
  • Cross compatibility of saved styles with other style extensions
  • Primary color switch with vibrant themes
  • Automatic update function for installed styles
  • Flexible UI with layouts and badges

Download: Stylus (Free)

3. Tabby Cat

Not every extension is actionable; some just cheer you up. Cat lovers will love this one. Tabby Cat is an extension that brightens your day with a new cat expression in every new tab.

Tabby Cats can also blink, sleep, and even let you pet them – just like real cats. This gives you a pretty unique and enjoyable experience with each opened tab.

Key Features

  • Captures your favorite cat faces, stickers, or GIFs to a secure permanent location and allows easy modifications
  • Aesthetically pleasing and incredible furry faces in every new tab
  • UI interaction with your favorite pet animal

Download: Tabby Cats (Free)

4. Cute Cursors

Cute Cursors can help customize your cursor options in any of your preferred styles if the typical cursor pointer is not your preference while surfing Chrome.

It modifies your Chrome experience by replacing the asymmetrical and tilted default windows cursor with something cute, amusing, and wonderful. Consequently, Cute Cursor is a valuable extension to transform your default mouse pointer into something comical or colorful. This transformation ranges across various themes such as DC, Marvel, and Disney heroes.

The arrow pointers are modified during the navigating and sleeping mode to tailor your Chrome experience in a non-intrusive way.

Download: Cute Cursors (Free)

5. Bookmark Sidebar

Bookmark Sidebar enables you to manage bookmarks efficiently and access multiple bookmark tabs simultaneously. As such, you can access all your bookmark tabs by clicking the left or right side of your screen.

It also allows easy deletion and re-organization of bookmarks in the same browser window, while providing a convenient shortcut to move between tabs.

Key Features

  • Editable sidebar with all your bookmarks at browser window border
  • A drag-and-drop menu option allows you to edit, delete, or rearrange your bookmarks
  • View bookmark properties with a single mouse click
  • Double mouse keys selection to view bookmarks
  • Verify changed or incorrect URLs in your bookmarked pages
  • Intuitive bookmark manager sidebar

Download: Bookmark Sidebar (Free)

6. Toby for Chrome

Toby for Chrome is a cool way to organize and manage multiple tabs on Chrome. It sections tabs to save you from the hassle of re-opening the same ones daily. It also helps you remember which ones you've opened in the past.

It also has a tab manager extension that allows easy categorization and organization of tabs into neat collections grouped by date, category, or website.

Key Features

  • Organize your browser tabs and quickly access them from anywhere
  • Drag and drop browser tabs into collections to add new tabs
  • Automatic synchronization to access all your collections from any desktop
  • Use tags to organize your collections or make to-do lists
  • View browsing history more conveniently
  • Clear your browsing clutter and easily navigate through different websites

Download: Toby for Chrome (Free, subscription available)

7. New Tab Page by

The ultimate personalized new tab page for Chrome by is a comprehensive extension designed to increase your productivity.

It includes a variety of widgets to pick from, such as a calendar, bookmarks, email, webpage embed, and Google tasks, all of which can be easily customized.

This extension turns your new tab page into an eye-catching customized dashboard. It also lets you personalize your tab page with various backgrounds, layout settings, and transparency.

Key Features

  • Easily store and categorize bookmarks from any page
  • Personalize your start page with calendar, e-mail, notes, and to-do widgets
  • Style your start pages with beautiful background themes and styles
  • Create and share start pages with friends

Download: New Chrome Tab by (Free)

Exciting as this list is, not all these extensions can run simultaneously. Depending on your needs, you can choose which extension you need in various instances.You can easily manage Chrome extensions to select the ones you want to use.

Making Each Tab Feel Like Your Own

These listed extensions completely revamp your Chrome page and give it a more premium design. They let you alter the look and feel of your Google Chrome new tab page to fit your preferences.

Now that you've uncovered some of the best extensions for customization, you can relaunch your new tab to recreate a refreshed and personalized experience. There are plenty of other extensions available too, such as ones to enhance your security.


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