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The Best Place to Land Punches in Boxing to Win Fights

Tony Jeffries shows you the best place to land your punches in boxing for you to win your fights. Punching your opponent in the chin, nose, temple will surely hurt them but is it the best place to aim when you are trying to get points and win in a boxing match? RELATED BOXING VIDEOS VIDEOS: How to Land Punches in Boxing, Improve and Get Better: How to PUNCH HARD With Maximum Power!!: Boxing Footwork | Flat Footed Vs On Toes | Pros & Cons: The Correct Way To Throw HOOKS in BOXING | Thumb Up or Thumb In: My name is Tony Jeffries, Olympic Bronze medallist now co-owner of Box 'N Burn, 2 boxing fitness gyms in Los Angeles, as well as the Box 'N Burn Academy...this i a sour education program where we teach trainers how to teach boxers Chapters: 0:00 The best place to aim your punches in boxing 1:02 Where to land those body shots 1:50 Punching in the head MY SOCIAL MEDIA: Follow me on Instagram: Subscribe to my Youtube channel: Follow me on Twitter: Grab the Worlds Best Boxing drills package here: #boxing
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