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Treat Yourself To These 35 Gifts Too Good To Give Away

CNN logo CNN 7/7/2022 EllenMcAlpine

While we love shopping for others and giving gifts, sometimes it feels right to treat yourself to a purchase you’ve had your eye on or get yourself the gift you know someone loved receiving. Whether it’s self-care, kitchen gadgets, or home decor, it’s always a good idea to get yourself a little something just for its sake. Don’t know where to start? We’ve done the work for you. We rounded up 35 top picks for excellent gifts, even if it is a little something to treat yourself. No matter your budget or inspiration, there’s something for everyone. Maybe you’re looking to elevate your self-care experience with a towel warmer, shower steamers, and a bath caddy, or you’re looking to improve your photography skills. However you like to treat yourself, we’ve got you covered.

Control Germs With The Self Cleaning Larq Bottle

Using a UV-C LED light in the bottle top, the Larq Bottle PurVis is a self-cleaning water bottle that's great for every day and on the go. The UV-C LED light eliminates germs and bacteria inside the bottle and keeps your Larq clean and odor-free. The double-walled stainless steel bottle will maintain cold beverage temperatures for 24 hours and hot beverage temperatures for 12 hours.

Find at Amazon Get A Major Upgrade For Your Sleep With This Starter Sheet Set

Treat yourself to a Brooklinen Starter Sheet Set. This set comes with a fitted sheet and two pillowcases made of soft and breathable cotton. Brooklinen has quickly risen to the top of trendy brands for home goods. There are four different colors to choose from to coordinate with your bedding.

Find at Amazon Switch Up Your Flower Arrangements With This Glass Caterpillar Vase

This Mudpie Glass Caterpillar Vase is super unique and makes a fun look for your next floral arrangement. The glass vase creates a long, short flower arrangement that's great as a centerpiece on a bar cart or a windowsill. We like how different and unexpected the design is, and it's always a good idea to buy yourself some flowers.

Find at Amazon Morning Joe On The Go With This Portable Coffee Maker

With the Pakt Portable Coffee Maker, you won't have to sacrifice a good cup of coffee on your travels. If you have access to water and electricity, you can get this coffee machine going. It's designed to be super packable and portable so you can take it on all your travels. The kit comes with a pour-over dripper, a 12-ounce travel mug, an electric kettle, and a container for your coffee grounds.

Find at Amazon You Need The Cult Beauty Wonder The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

The Laniege Lip Sleeping Mask has caught fame quickly on social media, and we understand why. The super hydrating lip mask is excellent to apply at night, as the name says, or throughout the day. The lip mask has a light berry scent and flavor, but there are also four other flavors and aromas to choose from.

Find at Amazon This Acacia Wood Cutting Board Makes For A Great Charcuterie Board

Perfect to use when entertaining guests (or just yourself), this Acacia Wood Cutting Board makes for a beautiful base for your charcuterie board. The 17-inch by 12-inch board is big enough to hold your favorite cheese, crackers, and embellishments. It has four separated compartments and a built-in juice groove if you use it for meal prep.

Find at Amazon Make Healthy Desserts With This Soft Serve Dessert Maker

Treat yourself to something sweet with this Yonanas Soft Serve Dessert Maker. The device is simple, and all you have to do to make delicious frozen desserts is add frozen fruits of your choice and some frozen bananas to make sorbet or "ice cream." It's a great kitchen device to satisfy your sweet tooth more healthily.

Find at Amazon Rock Retro Vibes At Home With This Mirror Disco Ball

Hang this Mirror Disco Ball near a window and enjoy a light show when the sun hits. It's not extremely practical, but it's fun and a great gift to give yourself. It adds a retro flair to whichever room you hang it in; we love how fun and whimsical it is.

Find at Amazon This Everywhere Belt Bag Is The "It-Bag" of The Summer

Wear the Everywhere Belt Bag around your waist or chest all summer (plus fall, winter, and spring). The pocket is designed to easily fit your phone, wallet, earbuds, keys, and other small personal items. It comes in a neutral black or an army green. You'll have convenient access to your belongings, which are great to wear on your walks or other adventures.

Find at Amazon Unwind & Relax With These Shower Steamers

Leave one of these BodyRestore Shower Steamers on your shower floor and enjoy a lavender aromatherapy experience right at home. The shower steamers are infused with essential oils to help you wind down after a long day and relax before bed. The pack comes with 15 individually wrapped steamer bombs.

Find at Amazon These Artificial Tulip Silk Flowers Enhance Any Room You Put Them In

Buying flowers is always a good idea, but purchasing these Artificial Tulip Silk Flowers is excellent. You'll always have fresh-looking spring flowers that won't droop or die. They look great in a vase and come in a set of 20 flowers. They look just like the real thing but won't need constant replacing.

Find at Amazon Relax At The Park Or Beach On This Extra Large Picnic Blanket

Enjoy sitting outside on this Extra Large Picnic Blanket throughout all the warm weather days. It conveniently rolls up and has a carrying handle making it easy to pack. It comes in six different colors and patterns and seven other size options. The blanket also has a waterproof coating to help make cleaning up any spills or messes a breeze.

Find at Amazon This Oil Diffuser Leaves Your Room Smelling Wonderful

With notes of driftwood and citrus fruits, the Capri Blue Reed Oil Diffuser will fill your room with a tropical and breezy scent. The oil diffuser is an alternative to a regular candle, and the bright blue bottle looks pretty on counters or nightstands. Like us, if you're fans of the Capri Blue scent, this is a great purchase and will last you longer than a candle.

Find at Amazon Clear Your Bathroom Countertop of Clutter With This Toothpaste Dispenser

Forget trying to squeeze every last drop out of the tube; use this Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser to get all of the product out of your toothpaste tube, not to mention the luxurious experience. The device has a sticky back that secures your wall so you can slide your toothbrush underneath and have your toothpaste dispense automatically.

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Find at Amazon The Theragun Mini Is Great Post Heavy Workouts

For your active lifestyle, you need to be recovering correctly; that's where the Theragun Mini comes in. The small massage gun comfortably fits your hand and offers three different speed settings. The mini size makes it easy to toss in a gym or work bag, and the massage gun is super quiet, so it's not distracting to others around you.

Find at Amazon Total Support With This Vented Gel Memory Foam Pillow

This Vented Gel Memory Foam Pillow helps relieve pressure on your neck and provides support while you sleep. It's also made of a cooling gel to help regulate temperature while sleeping. The removable pillow cover is machine washable for easy cleaning on laundry day. It's a simple self-care purchase that you'll always appreciate.

Find at Amazon Enjoy A Foot Massage At Home With This Shiatsu Foot Massager

Use the Comfie Shiatsu Foot Massager at the end of a long day to treat your feet to a bit of R & R, or keep it under your desk for a quick massage while you work from home. The foot massager has six kneading rotation heads to target pressure points on your feet and give you a gentle massage. It offers three different massage styles, three massage levels, and two heat levels.

Find at Amazon The Kodak Ultra F9 Film Camera Is Great For Photographers

If you're a friend who's always taking pictures, or photography is your hobby, check out this Kodak Ultra F9 Film Camera. It uses one AAA battery and 35mm film to capture fantastic photos on film. It's a sustainable option instead of disposable cameras, as you can refill the film when you're done with a roll.

Find at Amazon Blend Your Essential Oil Diffuser In With Your Decor

Meant to look like a piece of decor, this Essential Oil Diffuser functions as a trendy look and aromatherapy. Fill the base with water, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils and let the diffuser do its thing. It's an excellent treat-yourself gift to help make your home feel like a spa.

Find at Amazon Install Alexa To Help You In The Car With The Echo Auto

The Echo Auto hooks up to your car's auxiliary input and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth for voice control as you'd have on other Alexa-controlled devices. The Echo Auto also has a vent attachment to hook it up and leave it in place for all your car rides and road trips.

Find at Amazon Save Money On Energy Bills With This Amazon Smart Thermostat

This Amazon Smart Thermostat is self-installed and, when paired with an Alexa device, gives you voice control over your home's heating and cooling system. It can help you reduce your energy bill and use the Alexa app to control temperatures and set programs for your days and nights to help save energy.

Find at Amazon Be Pampered With This Harry's Shaving Set

This Harry's Shaving Set comes with the essential shaving kit items: a razor, shaving gel, a razor blade cover, and a 5-blade cartridge. The shave gel has a light aloe vera scent that's noticeable without overpowering. We like that the kit comes with everything you'd need for Harry's shaving routine.

Find at Amazon Rock This Anne Klein Watch & Bangle Set As A Stunning Wrist Stack

Choose from a gold or rose gold finish for this Anne Klein Watch And Bangle Set. The set includes a watch and three bangle bracelets that vary in style and design to create an exciting and pretty bracelet stack on your wrist. The watch comes with adjustable end links for the perfect fit, and you can wear the three bracelets as separates if that fits your style better.

Find at Amazon Make Movie Night Special With This Mini Projector

We like this Mini Projector because it's lightweight, portable, and using an HDMI cord, it becomes compatible with almost any device to stream your favorite movies or TV shows on a big screen. The Mini Projector is easy to set up and projects up to a 170-inch display.

Find at Amazon The iHome Reflect Pro Makes Getting Ready A Blast

Use the iHome Reflect Pro as your new cosmetics mirror. The mirror doubles as an iHome speaker and has a USB charging port in the back. It's rimmed with adjustable lighting, and you can even use Siri or Google Assistant for voice control. The mirror comes with a magnifying attachment, and we love the speaker addition to make getting ready a party with your favorite music.

Find at Amazon This Phone Case Is Cute And Fun

A smaller treat yourself kind of buy, this Casely Strawberry Phone Case is cute and whimsical while keeping your phone protected. The fruit design is available for a solid range of iPhones and compatible with wireless charging. It also offers up to 8 feet of drop protection.

Find at Amazon Bring Dull Hair Back to Life With This Olaplex Maintenance Set

The internet loves the Olaplex Maintenance Set because it leaves your hair feeling soft and hydrated. It's made for all hair types and works at a molecular level to repair damaged and broken hair. The products are not overly scented, and we love that you can get shampoo, conditioner, and a hair mask all in one set.

Find at Amazon The Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand Went Viral On TikTok

This viral Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand adds the perfect touch to any makeup look. This shade is the much sought-after Pinkgasm that provides a light pink flush to your cheeks and a light illumination to your cheekbones. The blush wand has a soft tip applicator that helps apply the product evenly across the skin.

Find at Amazon Show Off Your Star Sign Pride With A Zodiac Candle

This Zodiac Candle comes in all 12 zodiac signs, each with a different scent that fits the zodiac sign's characteristics. The candle has a burn time of over 50 hours and is a 100% soy wax candle.

Find at Amazon Elevate Your Post Shower Experience With This Towel Warmer Bucket

Toss your bath towels or robe in this Keenhot Towel Warmer Bucket and enjoy freshly warmed towels after your shower. It's an unnecessary luxury, but it is a great gift. The towel warmer helps create a spa-like experience from the comfort of home.

Find at Amazon Levi's Sweatpants Are Always An Affordable Treat

Sweatpants are always a good idea, and we like these Levi's Laundry Dry Women's Sweatpants. They're an affordable treat-yourself purchase that you're sure to get your wear out of. They come in seven different colors, ranging from neutrals to brights, and the elastic drawstring waistbands help create an ultra-comfortable fit.

Find at Amazon Use The Revlon One Step To Recreate A Salon Blowout

The $40 Revlon One Step is a fun gift to get yourself and recreate salon-style blowouts at home. The hair dryer doubles as a round brush for heat styling made easy. You can choose between three different heat settings and use the brush to add volume and bounce to your hair.

Find at Amazon Rock These Fuzzy Socks Around The House

These Men's Fuzzy Socks come in a pack of three and are super soft and comfy. They're a simple gift to get yourself, and you're sure to find yourself reaching for them on cozy nights. The socks come in nine different colors, so you can pick what matches your style.

Find at Amazon Get Uninterrupted Beauty Sleep Wearing This Organic Silk Sleep Mask

Slip this Organic Silk Sleep Mask over your eyes to block out light and get a good night's rest. The taller nose cutout of this mask helps keep the sleep mask in place throughout the night and makes it extra comfy to wear. The wrap-around elastic band is adjustable to fit perfectly on your head. It comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

Find at Amazon Use This Bamboo Bath Caddy To Really Enjoy Your Bath Time

Rest this Bamboo Bath Caddy on the sides of your bathtub so you can enjoy reading, a beverage, snacks, or other self-care tasks while you relax and unwind. The tray has a book or tablet holder to prop up your read and is adjustable and slip-resistant. The bamboo is water-resistant, so it's safe to use as often as possible.

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