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Video Games With The Best Reversible Cover Art

TheGamer 2/25/2023 Dominic Allen
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There are many noticeable differences when you look at a PS2 and PS4 physical game. For a PS2 game, you get the premium treatment with a manual and detailed back cover that really tries to sell you on the game. In a PS4 title, on the other hand, if you're lucky, you might get download codes or ads instead of a manual and a back cover with way less detail than before. However, there is one big upside to the PS4 cases.

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Since one of the main reasons manuals aren't included anymore is due to paper costs, a reversible cover is often put in. These are awesome and, many times, are better than the main box art. Often they're like night and day to the standard cover.

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes

The Metal Gear series has a pretty interesting history when it comes to its box art. Traditionally, the European and Japanese covers are far superior to the American version, with MGS1 through 4 containing art from Yoji Shinkawa. Ground Zeroes, the prologue to the fifth MGS, at first appeared not to include Shinkawa artwork in any region.

However, if you flip the cover, you get a sweet drawing of Big Boss in a reversible cover that most fans will agree is superior to the main one. It would have been great if The Phantom Pain received the same treatment so that both games could complement each other on the shelf, but alas, it wasn't meant to be.

Doom - 2016

One of the best reversible covers, and one that actually ended up being a main cover, is the 2016 Doom. The standard box art is simply Doom Slayer holding a Double Barrel Shotgun. Nothing special, but the reverse side is, frankly, the actual cover of the game. Paying homage to the original Doom box, it features a sprawling art piece that's straight out of a metal album cover.

It looks great, and even Bethesda must have realized how good it is because it became the main box art for the Nintendo Switch port. It might not be as iconic as the original Doom art, but it looks better and is one of the best covers for any FPS game.

WWE 2K14

For wrestling games or any sports title, really, it's rare to have a reversible cover. Normally it's reserved for the collector's edition, but WWE 2K14 truly had a special reversible cover, especially at the time. 2K14 was launched in October 2013 and featured The Rock on the box art. Nothing wrong with that, but by far, the most popular wrestler at the time was Daniel Bryan, who was currently in a feud with The Authority.

The reverse side featured Daniel Bryan with the same steamy aesthetic as The Rock cover, and it fits very well. Most wrestling fans at the time probably used this for the box art, and to boot, the spine and back cover is the exact same, so it fits perfectly with the rest of your games.

God Of War - 2018

PlayStation games have the highest chance of having a reversible cover, and God of War 2018 was one of the first that people really took notice of. The standard box art looks a lot like a movie poster with the two leads just standing in a boat. The reverse cover, on the other hand, is much more interesting. It has much more going on, with Kratos and Atreus actively engaging in combat.

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It looks awesome, and when compared to the normal box art, the reverse side is far superior. These reversible covers don't align with most other PS4 games, but since many PlayStation exclusives have them, you can group them together in their own spot and display them that way.

The Evil Within

The standard box art to The Evil Within is already great on its own. It features Sebastian's face covered in barbed wire, and along with the nail in the title heading toward his eye — because of this, it's clear the game is psychological in nature. The cover is probably one of the most memorable in the decade, but the reverse side is pretty good, too.

With a crimson motif, it has Sebastian with a coat in front of a dark and scary lighthouse. It feels very hammer horror-esque with the red design, which gives it a retro feel. Both covers are excellent, and the reverse one is probably the best horror reversible art out there.

Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima's first work since leaving Konami, Death Stranding, is definitely an ambitious title, and so is the reversible art. The standard cover is, again, like a movie poster with Norman Reedus front and center. However, the reverse box art is surprisingly artistic. It features a big black hand print on the cover with the baby on the bottom side.

You have many questions upon first seeing it, and that's the point. Any cover with a hand print is a very strong symbol and also brings to mind The Hands Resist Him painting. This reverse art fits much better for the type of creator Kojima is, and is much more impactful than the standard box art.

Metroid: Samus Returns

Metroid: Samus Returns is a remake of Metroid 2 for the original Game Boy. With the old-school ties, Nintendo decided to give a dose of nostalgia for this game's reversible artwork. On the flip side is the original cover, spine, and back of the Game Boy original.

It's awesome to see what the original game's case looked like, and while most won't use this as the facing artwork, it's not supposed to. This reversible cover is purely a sweet throwback to the classic game, and in that regard, it succeeds.

Sonic Mania Plus

Another game that has nostalgia baked into its DNA is Sonic Mania. This title is made for Sonic fans, and with that in mind, Sonic Mania Plus offers a great reversible cover. Depending on your region, the art will look like a classic Genesis or Mega Drive design, and it just brings you back to the 90s.

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If you like to put individual series on your game shelves, putting this case alongside the Genesis titles won't look incredibly out of place. It's a great throwback for fans and exactly what the reverse art should be for this game.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition

Not every game needs a reverse artwork that looks totally different. The standard box art of the complete edition of Horizon Zero Dawn is pretty good and pops out nicely. The one nagging thing about it, though, is that there's a lot of fluff all over the piece.

These review scores and information are a bit too much in the way, and that's where the reverse side comes in. It's the same box art but totally cleaned up, so only the title and artwork are included. It looks great, and frankly, what a lot of other Game of the Year or complete editions could use.

Shenmue 1 And 2 Remastered

The physical copy of Shenmue 1 and 2 on PS4 and Xbox One come with a lot of extra stuff that makes it feel more premium. You get a sweet double-sided poster, but you also get a reversible cover.

Very reminiscent of a Blu-ray double pack, Shenmue 1's box art is featured on the front, while the second game is on the back. Since both covers already look great, this one is standout as well. If you're a collector of physical media films, you'll definitely like it more, as it does have that box set look to it.

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