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Web3 Shooter Metalands Launches PvP Testing logo: 5/23/2023

Metalands, a competitive survival shooter game, has announced its upcoming Player versus Player (PvP) testing through an official Twitter announcement. It introduces an intriguing world where players have to withstand both opponents and a dynamically challenging environment.

Metalands distinguishes itself with its hybrid PvPvE (Player versus Player versus Environment) gameplay, creating an exciting, progressive-world survival scenario. Players are expected to accumulate resources represented as mystical objects. These objects can later be swapped for chests packed with valuable rewards.

The game developers have revealed plans to make Metalands accessible to a broader audience, offering a free-to-play model on PC and mobile platforms. The game can be downloaded through the Play Store, App Store, or its exclusive launcher.

Significantly, Metalands operates on the advanced Myria blockchain. It benefits from instantaneous transactions devoid of gas fees while maintaining the size and security features of Ethereum’s L1.

The gaming experience in Metalands involves PvP combats where gamers confront each other and the perilous environment in a survival race. Only the most resilient and strategic players can claim victory.


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