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Why The Finals is an Esports Contender Worth Watching

GameRant 3/11/2023 Tucker Taussig
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A new game studio comprised of ex-DICE developers and a former chief design officer for EA has unveiled its first foray into the competitive shooter scene: The Finals. While the game remains in closed beta at this stage, fans are beginning to take notice of its profound potential as a future esports mainstay. The Finals has a considerable journey to break into mass appeal and is somewhat threadbare in terms of content, but all the ingredients for a hit are there. With persistent refinement and the right marketing strategy, The Finals could end up being the next big thing.

Embark Studios has ambitious aspirations for its first release. The Finals is a unique amalgam of class-based battle royales like Apex Legends and multi-team extraction shooters like The Division's Dark Zone, with a dash of Battlefield's environmental destructibility thrown in for good measure. Its charm lies in its multi-faceted influences, which blend together to create a pretty a satisfying take on competitive first-person shooters. In a genre dominated by AAA studios releasing what many feel are retreads with few iterations, The Finals feels like a breath of fresh air.

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The Finals' Formula is Both Fresh and Familiar

In The Finals, four teams of three choose their load-outs and drop into an arena where they must secure one of two payloads, which must then be brought to a cashout station to extract. At the end of each round, the team with the most cash wins, and while some funds can be scraped together by scoring kills, the bulk of it comes from successfully extracting a payload. Extracting takes time, however, and can be claimed by another team before the timer runs out. Toss in the fact that destructible buildings where teams make their defensive stands can be reduced to rubble, and the result is frantic matches with unpredictable outcomes.

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Initial reactions to The Finals have been mixed, but with its self-aware style leaning into its esports influences, it is the kind of game that will undoubtedly attract some and repel others. Players control a contestant within the title's game show facade, replete with quippy announcers, in-game billboards, and sound effects that would not feel out of place in an episode of The Price Is Right.

The Finals Still Has a Long Way To Go

While The Finals nails the style it is going for, the game has some limiting technical factors; unsurprising as it is still early into a beta phase. Movement in particular can be fluid at times, but leaves a lot to be desired with the fast-paced Mirrors Edge style it intends to mimic. Jumping feels like it has an input delay, and while the maps in the game boast impressive verticality, there are a number of kinks to work out when it comes to vaulting and climbing. The shooting feels good, but there are some hit registration issues holding it back, and while Embark Studios has already released a patch to fix some of the issues, The Finals remains a rough draft. It's far from filling stadiums as one might expect for games like League of Legends.

One thing that is undeniable is the strong foundation that Embark Studios built for The Finals. The amount of destructibility over the course of each round is nothing short of a technical marvel, with enough variability to awe audiences over and over. This also adds a layer of strategy given any wall can become a door with a well-placed C4 charge. The equipment and loadouts encourage teamwork and grant multiple avenues to victory for each team, which would give esports competitors something to work toward as they imagine new strategies. No concrete release date has been announced, but Embark Studios intends to release the game sometime in 2023. While it has its work cut out for it, this competitive shooter is one to keep an eye on.

The Finals is being developed for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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