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Will the Xbox Series X have a DisplayPort?

Windows Central logo Windows Central 6/10/2020 Jez Corden
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Best answer: Xbox Series X will not have a display port, as confirmed by Microsoft.

The Xbox Series X has no DisplayPort, but adapters should work

We recently got the full rundown of the Xbox Series X ports, with official information from Microsoft. Unfortunately for those that wanted it, the Xbox Series X will not have DisplayPort natively. The only port for visuals the Xbox Series X has is HDMI-out. A 2.1 spec, the HDMI port on the Xbox Series X supports up to 8K visuals with variable refresh rates, making for a smooth gameplay experience for anyone with a compatible TV or monitor.

If you're using a monitor that only has DisplayPort as an option, an HDMI-to-DisplayPort adapter should work, you just have to double-check what specifications the adapter has. We could only find adapters that support up to 4K signals at 60 Hz with HDR, which would be fine in most instances, but if you want some more advanced HDMI 2.1 features, you may have to wait for new adapters to hit the market.

Instant upgrade

Xbox All Access

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An instant Xbox Series X upgrade

If you want to secure your Xbox Series X right now, you can only do so via an Xbox All Access contract, which spreads the cost of an Xbox One X and Xbox Series X across several months, with 0 percent APR.

Adapt em up

DisplayPort to HDMI

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If your monitor doesn't have HDMI

You can use this to connect an Xbox One console to a monitor that lacks HDMI but supports DisplayPort.

Excellent and affordable Xbox accessories

Up your Xbox experience with one (or all) of these budget accessories, all of which are approved by the gamers of Windows Central.

PowerA Play & Charge Kit for Xbox One

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This charging kit keeps your Xbox One wireless controllers juiced up, and it offers batteries for two controllers. At just $15, this is hands-down our favorite budget charging companion.

ElecGear 4 Port USB Xbox One S Hub

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This brilliant little USB splitter hub attaches perfectly to the side of your Xbox One S console. It's ideal for use with chargers, controllers, headsets, and more.

Controller Gear stand

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Proudly display your Xbox gamepads with this stylish and functional stand. The licensed design is minimalist and black, and it has a hidden storage compartment, making the price of $13 a real steal.


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