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Woman Claims She Filmed UFOs in Mesa, Arizona

Exemplore logo Exemplore 1/27/2023 Diana Logan
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Though the idea of UFOs have captured the popular imagination, it’s important to remember that just because a flying object is “unidentified” to one viewer, it doesn’t mean it’s completely unidentifiable. There are many things in the sky that the average bystander might not recognize, but folks familiar with eh area know all too well what it is.

In this case, a visitor to Mesa, Arizona, was shocked to see a triangular formation of lights in the sky. She was certain it was a UFO, but locals had other ideas.

Click here to watch the video.

In this video, a woman says she was visiting her mother in Mesa when she was shocked to see this strange triangle of lights in the sky.

Black triangle UFOs have been reported all over the world for decades, and are known or passing over populated areas in their giant, silent formations. In Arizona alone, the “Phoenix lights” are a UFO phenomenon almost as well known as the infamous incident in Roswell, New Mexico.

Mesa has had its own fair share of UFO sightings, in no small part due to exercises from nearby Military Operations areas. Often, when the pilots in these aircrafts drop parachute flares, bystanders start reporting UFOs. That may be what is happening here. It could also be a perfectly normal trio of planes flying in formation.

Remember, just because there are lights in the sky does not mean that it’s aliens.

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