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Wondershare Recoverit Handles Deleted Video Recovery, Photo Recovery, and More

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Professional photographers appear to have a great job, but whether they’re photographing weddings or sporting events, there is always the risk of losing their work should the SD card be accidentally reformatted, wiped, or data be corrupted.

This can happen at any time, whether in the middle of snapping, ejecting the card, or exporting files from the card to the PC or laptop. Losing photos and videos that form your livelihood is a heart-stopping moment.

What you need at a moment like this is a way to recover deleted videos and photographs from the SD card. Whether you’re looking for an SD card full of photos, videos, audio, and email, or just a single file, here’s how Wondershare Recoverit can help you recover lost media.

Wondershare Recoverit Photo and Video Recovery Features

Before you install the software, it’s worth checking the video and photo recovery features in Wondershare Recoverit.

While straightforward to use, Recoverit boasts a smart range of brand-new features over the previous version. Video recovery tools are grouped in their own tab in the user interface, and as well as being faster, the app includes the technology to merge multiple video fragments into complete files. Wondershare Recoverit can even detect what camera was used to create the video or photographic image file.

In the Hard Drives and Locations tab, you can choose from every single device that is connected to your computer, even if they don’t appear in the file explorer. This includes hard disk drives, lost partitions, optical drives, flash storage (such as SD cards and USB drives), and even cameras connected via USB cable.

The System Crashed Computer tab is designed to help you recover a crashed computer, from which you can then retrieve lost data. With tools to overcome Black Screen of Death, Blue Screen of Death, and unbootable systems, features here range from altering system settings to allow a reboot of the faulty system to creating a bootable USB recovery tool.

Advanced Video Recovery is the final tab. This collection of tools recovers deleted or hidden videos, and is suitable for recovering lost editing projects and video files in all resolutions up to 8K. Video can be recovered from any device—DSLR, standard digital cameras, dash cams, SD cards, drones, and more.

Capable of recovering data from internal drives, SD cards, USB drives, or even camcorders connected with a cable, Wondershare Recoverit can even modern video resolutions. So, whether your accidentally deleted videos are standard definition, high definition (HD), Ultra HD, 4K, or 8K, you can be confident that Wondershare Recoverit can undelete them.

Camera brands and their firmware can cause problems with recovery, due to the way in which the videos and images are encoded from device to device. Wondershare Recoverit, identify camera brands, and recover data based on this information.

Recover Deleted Videos Easily With Wondershare Recoverit

Video recovery with Wondershare Recoverit is more powerful than ever.

Recovery tools are grouped in the Advanced Video Recovery tab and are designed to handle any video recovery scenario.

To start, insert or connect the media from which you wish to recover videos.

Next, select the Advanced Video Recovery tab.

Find the device where the lost data was stored. Remember, this can be a hard disk, SD card, digital camera, anything!

With the device selected, choose which video file types to scan for and click Start.

  • Wait while Wondershare Recoverit scans the storage device for recoverable media.
  • Browse potentially recoverable files in the Videos folder. To recover individual videos, check the corresponding box and click Recover.

If you’re unsure about the video or don’t recognize the file name, you can preview the video first. Should it turn out to be a video you want to save, simply click Recover.

Recover Lost Photos With Wondershare Recoverit

Recovering missing photos and other digital images from SD cards and storage devices is just as simple with Wondershare Recoverit.

  • Start by inserting the SD card or connecting the device where the lost photos were stored.
  • Next, launch Wondershare Recoverit and select Hard Drives and Locations.
  • Here, select the location that corresponds to your missing files.
  • Wait while the scan detects the file; you can use filtering tools to help find the files you’re looking for.
  • When the scan completes, select the files you want to retrieve and click Recover.
Replay Video

It’s that easy.

Recover Deleted Videos Without the Fuss in Wondershare Recoverit

You might need to recover deleted photos or undelete data discarded in error.

For all those scenarios and many other data recovery problems, Wondershare Recoverit has the tools you need.

If you haven’t already, now would be a great time to download a free trial of Wondershare Recoverit and try out its recovery tools for yourself. It’s available for Windows (and will run on 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP) and Mac OS X 10.10-11.4.

If you’re happy, the full software can be bought from $69.99 a year on Windows and $79.99 a year for Mac OS X (prices for one PC, other options available).


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