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You’ve Probably Never Heard of These Smart House Essentials

The Charlotte Observer logo The Charlotte Observer 6/22/2022 Jul Domingo, The Charlotte Observer

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Tech developers are bringing out scores of nifty innovations daily, and it’s becoming harder and harder to keep up. However, this wealth of inventions can make life easier for people of every income and lifestyle. So in the spirit of keeping everyone in the loop, we’re presenting a bunch of great smart home essentials for you to check out on Amazon. The home gizmos in this list are so futuristic that you’ll think they’re from the Jetson’s family home:

This Dustbin Opens With The Wave Of A Hand

Thanks to its large opening, this bin can fit bulky trash like pizza boxes and milk cartons. $76.00 ($89.99) (Source: Amazon)

Trash bins fitted with automatic lids seem like a reach when talking about smart homes. On the contrary, they should be among the first to be automated. Thanks to iTouchless, they’ve gone mainstream. This battery-operated bin is the answer to a lot of sanitary concerns that come with household waste. It opens by waving your hand above the bin and closes on its own 5-10 seconds later. It has a replaceable filter made from activated carbon that absorbs offensive smells and toxic gasses. Once closed, this dustbin effectively locks in the odor, making your home smell nice and clean all day long.

Sleepyheads Will Love To Hate Clocky The Alarm Robot

Clocky could be the deepest sleepers’ biggest dream (or worst nightmare). $39.99 (Source: Amazon)

If you have kids, teens, or a partner who are notorious snooze-cravers, then Clocky is the alarm clock you’ve been looking for! Clocky is extremely loud and incredibly annoying. He’ll jump, scoot, hide, and vex his target until they decide to get up and chase the alarm robot to silence it. It’s the perfect present for college students and young professionals who have trouble shaking off sleep dust from their eyes every morning.

With Music On, You’ll Be Chilling In The Shower For Much Longer

Designed with a built-in mic, you can use this speaker to make hands-free calls. $25.99 (Source: Amazon)

Many people like to mull over their thoughts while in the shower. The bathroom provides a place where we can do so without being interrupted. With a waterproof speaker in tow, you can play music to relax and meditate while you’re in the tub. This bluetooth speaker from INSMY can be submerged as deep as one meter under water for thirty minutes and still work perfectly. It has a playtime that reaches up to 12 hours, giving you more than enough time to boost your shower concert or make more precious eureka moments happen in the bathroom.

Upgrade Your Garage To Drive Away Worry-Free

This device allows up to three persons to control the garage door. $19.98 ($29.98) (Source: Amazon)

If you struggle to remember whether or not you closed your garage door each morning, this garage controller can give you peace of mind! Once installed, you can close and open your garage anytime, anywhere, right from your smartphone. This device will send you real-time notifications when the garage door is being used. And by upgrading to an intelligent garage while subscribing to Amazon Key, you can secure packages without leaving your cube or office chair once they arrive at your doorstep.

Enjoy Your Perfect Temperature And Save Money With This Smart Thermostat

This device comes with an app that’ll offer suggestions to manage energy better. $89.99 (Source: Amazon)

The Google Nest Thermostat is a modern solution to your home’s temperature regulation requirements. With this smart thermostat, you can set an environmentally-safe and budget-friendly schedule to automatically turn on, shut down, turn up, or turn down your home’s ACs and heaters. Plus, you can remotely control your home’s warmth and coldness remotely from a tablet, smartphone, and laptop.

Smart Home Means Smarter Living

Smart home essentials aren’t just for making your house look stylish and fancy. More often than not, they are practical and high-quality investments that make life easier, safer, and more amusing. Get in the loop and start making your comfort zone smarter. Visit Amazon and get these smart home essentials now!

Jul Domingo writes for retail brands and SaaS companies that cater to the retail sector. When she’s not busy writing content, you’ll find her fine-tuning her two-hour morning routine or taking a nap with her dog, Phineas.

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