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Microsoft Start helps users solve Information Overload with personalized content that informs and inspires, built into everyday experiences. Microsoft Start provides high-quality content and online experiences, personalized and tailored for individual user interests.

Every day our algorithms comb through hundreds of thousands of pieces of content sent by our partners. We process it to understand dimensions like freshness, category, topic type, opinion content and potential popularity and publish according to user preferences. This is combined with human oversight to ensure that the content we show aligns with our values and that crucial information features prominently in our experiences.

We work with over 1,300 premium publishers representing more than 4,500 brands in major global markets to aggregate the best news, videos, photos and other content and deliver it, for free, to people all over the world. We believe that a free, well-funded press is a critical part of our social fabric and are proud to partner with the world’s best content brands, offering a business model that gives people access to trustworthy content and provides a sustainable source of revenue for our partners.

Our content leadership:

Global Content Services

Taroon Mandhana

Homepage and Start Experiences

Sally Salas

News and Feeds

Ming Ye


Manish Mittal


Jamil Valliani

Verticals (Weather, Finance, Sports and Esports)

Derek Cheng

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