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Acorns of Hope plans to plant thousands of trees in SWLA

Lake Charles KPLC logo Lake Charles KPLC 10/29/2020 Cinnamon Cornell
a sign in front of a tree: Acorns of Hope to plant thousands of trees destroyed after Hurricanes Laura and Delta. © Provided by Lake Charles KPLC Acorns of Hope to plant thousands of trees destroyed after Hurricanes Laura and Delta.

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - After Hurricane Rita, a non-profit called Acorns of Hope was created to repopulate live oaks that were lost in Southwest Louisiana.

Fifteen years later the organization is looking to restore the tree population destroyed by Hurricanes Laura and Delta. In the aftermath of back-to-back hurricanes it was easy to see hundreds if not thousands of trees were damaged or completely destroyed by the storms. Now Acorns of Hope is working to fix that with a new project.

“Our goal is to plant in as many locations evenly throughout the city," organizer Brandi Cox said. "I mean we’re not talking hundreds we’re talking thousands of trees we are planning to do.”

The goal is to plant about 10,000 trees. The three to four year long project will include a restoring a variety of trees and improving the soil.

“We’re going to get the soil back right [and] plant live oaks; we want to plant magnolia trees because they have these big leaves that’ll help with the air quality cause there’s all kinds of toxins in the air and in the soil after a storm," she said. "[We will also plant] holly trees, it’s just like the circle of life that’s going to help feed the birds, they also help purify the air and then the birds help get the soil right and you know make the trees grow.”

Cox said planting new trees is good for the environment and the trees can help in future storms.

“It’s hard to imagine that these oak trees [is] what’s helping stop the wind but I have six live oaks in my backyard and the back of my house is all glass, it’s on the lake," she said. "My live oaks look demolished [but] they’re still standing; my house is still standing too so I know that they work to do that.”

The non-profit is currently looking for volunteers for the project. For more information you can email Brandi Cox at

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