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Airport travelers report no issues with holiday flights; pick-up lines were long

KUTV Salt Lake City logo KUTV Salt Lake City 5 days ago Hayley Crombleholme, KUTV

There seemed to be no complaints of long lines or lost baggage as people made their way through Salt Lake City Airport Wednesday night.

Airport spokesperson Nancy Vollmer told 2News about 26,000 people came through the airports doors on Tuesday and Wednesday, with more catching connecting flights.

Paula Cardenaz from West Jordan, was heading out Wednesday night.

“(Los Angeles). We’re going to visit family,” Cardenaz said.

She said the family gathering was closer to their pre-pandemic plans.

“It was only like my immediate family really like my parents and my sisters. This year it will be a little bit bigger with friends and cousins so that’ll be nice,” she said.

She gave herself some extra time.

“We left the house earlier,” she said.

It turned out she didn’t need the extra time.

“I honestly thought it was going to be busier, but I did hear that it was busier in the morning,” she said.

Mitchell Balenger arrived in Salt Lake from Baltimore.

“I came out here to see family and see my friend. I came out here to see my brother, too,” Balenger said.

He said the airport in Maryland wasn’t busy either.

“It really wasn’t that bad. Yeah. It was pretty good,” he said.

Jacob Passen was on the same flight.

“I love this place,” Passen said.

He said the trip was pretty easy. Now, he’s ready to get to Park City to ski.

“It’s the best – nothing like it” he said.

There trouble with baggage or lines, but Passen did have one small complaint.

“It’s a long walk from the gate, but whatever,” he said.


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