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American Academy of Pediatrics recommends masks for children over 2 years old

KSNV – Las Vegas logo KSNV – Las Vegas 7/20/2021 Tiffany Lane

As COVID cases rise across the country, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommended Monday that all children over the age of two wear masks when returning to the classroom this year, whether vaccinated or not.

This is at a time when several Clark County School District parents are already divided on the issue of masks.

It is just a recommendation at this point, but it has many people talking and wondering what our classrooms will look like three weeks from now when school starts.

"I'm disappointed to hear that," said parent Kimberley Brock.

She is not excited to hear the AAP's recommendation.

"We were under the impression with a vaccine, you will no longer have to be wearing your mask," said Brock. "I'm also not really happy to hear that because they'll have to be wearing their masks in the classroom. I don't approve of that at all."

All four of her kids, two Clark County students, got the vaccine.

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And they were hoping that would be enough to keep off the cloth while in school.

"I feel with the vaccine and with the mask, it should be everyone's choice," said Brock.

Right now, masks are optional for CCSD students in Pre-K through 3rd grade.

They're required for grades 4 and 5 and optional for 6th through 12th graders who are fully vaccinated.

Like Brock, parent Anna Binder also believes in choice.

"Everybody always should have a choice," said Binder.

The AAP said as part of its recommendation we need to prioritize getting children back into schools, and that combining layers of protection with things like vaccinations and masking will make it safe since many students aren't able to get the vaccine yet.

"Whether you agree with it or not, if this is how it's going to get our kids back, this is how our kids go back," said Binder.

So, what do the professionals say?

Board-certified pediatrician Tal Minuskin is in favor of the recommendation.

"They're going to have a hard time policing it, and monitoring all the children who have," he said of unvaccinated students and masks. "So instead of trying to do that, they're recommending universal masking for children two and up, and staff members, whether they've been vaccinated or not."

Dr. Minuskin, owner of Kiddies' Pal Pediatrics, also addresses parents' concerns about masks.

"Almost all the masks available allow air to go in and out," he said. "It does not, I repeat does not build up carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide. They've tested and they did not find any adverse effects of wearing the masks."

News 3 asked CCSD for their response to the AAP's recommendation. The district said "If there are changes to the District's mask procedures, the changes will be communicated to the community."

What do you think? Are you for having all students wear masks? Keeping the mask guideline as is? Or giving students choice?

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