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Arkansas responders offering roadside assistance during winter storm

KTHV-TV Little Rock 2/1/2023 Julissa Garza

Driving in icy conditions can be dangerous, but so is being stuck on the side of the road.

That's why first responders are ready to respond to whoever may need help.

JHook Towing and Recovery is a 24-hour towing company that works around the clock most days to help whoever needs a lift. However, they're busier than usual when the roads are impacted by winter weather.

“We've gotten a few calls up kind of north of here,” JHook Towing and Recovery General Manager Tim Moody said. “We're getting prepared for the worst, and one thing about Arkansas, who knows?"

Moody said the company is ready to tackle any situation thrown its way.

“Not only tools, they need warm clothing," Moody said. "These trucks that run off air, they got to have the airlines protected... You got to have de-icer you got to make sure your tires are good and you gotta have chains ready to put on if you need to.”

While JHook Towing and Recovery and other towing companies are ready to help, the National Guard is also on standby.

“We've got snow chains, in our vehicles, we've got chainsaws, and we've got tow straps,” National Guard Lt. Col. William Phillips said.

Phillips said they have guardsmen spread out across the state.

“We have roughly 65 soldiers and airmen on duty right now assisting stranded motorists," Phillips said. "Our job is to help the state police [and] help keep the roads clear so that traffic can continue on."

Both Williams and Moody said they're unsure how busy the evening might be and urge everyone to be patient if they find themselves in need of some help.

According to Moody, wait times will vary based on activity but he urges those who need help to stay patient.

“You might be off in the ditch," Moody said. "You got to understand something. There are 100 more people waiting on a wrecker."

Willams said preparation is key if you plan on tackling icy road conditions.

“Make sure you have extra equipment in your car blankets flares so that you can keep yourself safe and warm,” Williams said.

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