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Be #FDNYSmart – CLOSE THE DOOR when escaping a fire.

On Sunday, January 9, FDNY members operated on scene of a 5-alarm fire at 333 East 181 Street in the Bronx. Fire Marshals determined the cause of the fire was a malfunctioning space heater. The door to the fire apartment was left open as the occupants escaped. 17 people were killed and numerous others were injured, making this one of the deadliest fires to take place in New York City. FDNY urges New Yorkers to always close the door when escaping a fire. Closing the door isolates fire and prevents smoke, heat and flames from spreading to hallways and stairs. When escaping a fire in your apartment, be #FDNYSmart - CLOSE THE DOOR as you make your exit. Closing the door saves lives. See more tips at
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