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Black community leader confronts Capitol Hill protesters for destruction in neighborhood

KOMO-TV Seattle logo KOMO-TV Seattle 10/27/2020 Tammy Mutasa, KOMO News Reporter

New video shows a Black community leader in a heated confrontation with protestors on Capitol Hill.

The Twitter video has been shared more than a thousand times.

Victoria Beach said she’s fed up with the 'Black Lives Matter' movement being taken over by another agenda.

Beach is seen in the video surrounded by protestors dressed in all black with umbrellas in a confrontation, then she pushes one of them.

Beach called the moment her tipping point.

“I got to my breaking point where enough was enough,” said Beach. “I’m not proud of that action, but I’m not sorry either. A girl flipped me off and called me a few names and I lost it. I just shoved her."

Beach said she was demanding them to stop using the Black Lives Matter movement as an excuse to cause destruction in her neighborhood week after week.

Caption: Black community leader confronts Capitol Hill protesters for destruction in neighborhood

Seattle Police said that during the Oct. 17 march, vandals set a small fire, spray-painted buildings and even blocked traffic, delaying a fire department vehicle rushing to a hospital.

Police said people were arrested for violations including failure to disperse, obstruction and resisting arrest.

Beach chairs the SPD African American Community Advisory Council –- one of 10 councils founded to push for better police relations in communities.

“You’re not going to do this in my neighborhood and how dare you disrespect George Floyd and his family. We don’t protest like this and stop using Black Lives Matter to tear up the city,” said Beach.

Rev. Harriett Walden, the co-founder of Mothers for Police Accountability said rioters have hijacked the movement.

“It’s hijacked. Clearly,” said Rev. Walden. “It has nothing to do with 8 minutes and 46 seconds anymore. It’s somebody else’s agenda.”

Crime Stoppers Director of Law Enforcement Services, Jim Fuda said it’s not the safest move to confront groups—but he says the video exemplifies the frustration over the lack of city accountability.

“God Bless her, stuff like this is going to continue to happen until our council takes some responsibility,” said Fuda. “They’re tired of destruction, they’re tired of lack of services and they want the city to act.”

Beach said looking back, she might not do that again, but she said this is a wake-up call for the Black community to come together.

“Just like they told me to shut up and go home, that’s what they need to do,” said Beach. “I think it’s going to take the Black community to say go home, you don’t represent us, when we protest, we march in a peaceful way with thousands, no violence."


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