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Black man brutally assaults three white women in Philadelphia: Why haven’t hate crime charges been filed?

Washington Examiner logo Washington Examiner 5 days ago Christopher Tremoglie
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Three white women were randomly and brutally assaulted by a black man in Philadelphia last week. The video of the violent attack has gone viral. The beating was unprovoked, and many feel it should be considered a hate crime. Yet, so far, Philadelphia authorities have been reluctant to treat it as such, and many are wondering if it is because the victims are white.

The attack appears unprovoked, as the women did not know the black man who attacked them. Additionally, he did not attempt to steal anything from them or try any sexual crimes. He targeted three white women, beat them, and then walked away. Given these details, this would have likely been considered a hate crime in any other situation.

I contacted the Philadelphia Police Department and asked them about the incident. They responded, saying it was still under investigation.

"The investigation is active and ongoing with South Detectives Division. The reason for the assault has not been determined at this time," the PPD's Office of Media Relations and Public Affairs told me. "As we get updates on this investigation, it will be released to the media. No further information at this time."

Many on the Left frequently complain about hate crimes in this country, yet they typically reserve outrage only when the victims are nonwhite. When the attacker is a racial minority, and the victims are white, the urgency to declare such an incident a hate crime disappears. This inconsistency angers many people, especially victims of hate crimes by nonwhite people. It's a demographic that often goes unreported, even though statistics show a significant increase in attacks in recent years.

Currently, no one knows whether this brutal attack by a black man on three white women is a hate crime. As for now, it is just one of the many incidents of soaring violent crime in Democratic-controlled Philadelphia. But if the situation were reversed, the narrative of the incident would be completely different. And so, too, would the public's outrage and the city's response. This is, after all, the same city that lost its collective mind after finding a black doll hanging from a noose at a park — only to discover it was done by two preteens, one black and one white, as a harmless prank.

Classifying an attack as a hate crime should be universally applied, and it shouldn't be prioritized depending on whether the victims are white, black, Latino, or Asian. Unfortunately, the Left cares more about political agendas and race-baiting than legitimately solving racial problems. As a result, hate crime classification inconsistencies will continue to plague the country.

If we ever plan to achieve racial equality and harmony in this country, we must apply laws equally across the board. Victims should not be prioritized depending on how many votes they can get Democrats during elections. Hate crimes hurt people of all races, not just those who are the focus of left-wing political agendas.


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Original Location: Black man brutally assaults three white women in Philadelphia: Why haven’t hate crime charges been filed?


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