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Black Ops Cold War Operation Red Circus Suspects Guide

DBLTAP logo DBLTAP 11/13/2020 Noam Radcliffe

Black Ops Cold War's Operation Red Circus introduces a bit of detective work to the non-stop thrill ride of a typical Call of Duty campaign. Rather than run and gun through a ceaseless tide of enemies, or sneak through an enemy base to assassinate a weapons dealer, this mission has players deducing who exactly they're supposed to assassinate. Here's how to know which suspects to pick.

Black Ops Cold War Operation Red Circus Suspects Guide

Red Circus sends players to assassinate Soviet Major Vadim Rudnik, but first, they'll have to deduce which three suspects to highlight. (Spoilers for the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War campaign follow.) To know which suspects to choose, you'll need to have found evidence earlier in the campaign. The exact right suspects change each time, so you'll need to have found this evidence to nail this mission.

The first piece of evidence can be found in the mission "Brick in the Wall." After you sneak into Kraus' apartment, you'll find his ledger in the top drawer of a bureau by his bed.

The second piece of evidence, the Audio Report, can be found during "Echos of a Cold War." In the command room with the collapsed gangway, look for a table with a mug, an ashtray, and a payphone. The Audio Report should be lying next to those objects.

The third and final piece of evidence appears in "Desperate Measures." In the Records room, look for a wristwatch on a desk. That wristwatch contains the Dead Drop List.

Each piece of evidence narrows the pool of possible suspects. Kraus' ledger provides the location of the suspects, the Audio Report provides the gender and the Dead Drop List provides more locations and dates. There should be exactly three possible suspects that match the dates, locations, and genders provided by your three pieces of evidence.

Once you've chosen your three suspects, you can start the mission and get to assassinating. But beware — once you start, there's no changing your targets.


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