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Blaine becomes first MN city to make street racing illegal

KARE-TV Minneapolis-St. Paul 9/26/2022 Sharon Yoo

Blaine became the first city in Minnesota to pass an ordinance that specifically targets street racing. 

The ordinance took effect on Sept. 19, and outlaws not only street racing, but also exhibition driving as well as unlicensed car shows.

City documents define exhibition driving as "turning, accelerating, decelerating or otherwise operating a motor vehicle in a manner that causes unnecessary engine noise, or backfire, squealing tires, skidding, sliding, swaying, throwing of sand gravel dirt and other material."

The 95th Avenue Park & Ride, located in Blaine, which is just a five-minute drive away from the police department, bears marks on its concrete as evidence of this kind of behavior. 

Street racing is defined as "comparing relative speeds by operating one or more vehicles," regardless of the speed limit that's posted.

All of these incidents are considered "events" when at least one spectator is present.

Both the participants and spectators will be charged with misdemeanors, and any events that include exhibition driving, street racing and unlicensed car shows will be considered unlawful assemblies.

In response to this ordinance, Anoka County Sheriff James Stuart gave his vote of confidence. In a statement he said:

"The illegal street racing groups have created even more dangerous environments for our families. As criminals become more emboldened, they can be confident that Anoka County law enforcement will not waiver in our commitment to safer streets and stronger communities. Their criminal behavior will be met with arrests and prosecutions.”

Leading up to the passage of the law, Blaine police say they responded to 86 calls related to street racing since Jan. 1, 2020, and that they have not had any incidents since the policy went into effect.

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