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Cincy Shirts creates T-shirt of zoo's adorable cheetah, puppy duo Daisy and Rozi

WLWT Cincinnati logo WLWT Cincinnati 7/1/2022
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Cincinnati Zoo has a new dynamic duo and they already have their own custom T-shirt.

Cincy Shirts created a new T-shirt of the zoo's cheetah cub Rozi and her puppy companion Daisy.

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Rozi's puppy companion Daisy was adopted by the zoo from the Animal Rescue Fund, Inc. and her five littermates are available for adoption if you're looking for a puppy.

The Animal Rescue Fund said that Daisy is the second ARF puppy to be adopted by the zoo for their cheetah program.

Anyone wanting to adopt one of her littermates can go here.

The T-shirt shows the two mates running together with the words "born to run."

The shirt is $27. A portion of the proceeds benefits the Cincinnati Zoo. Find the shirt here.

Rozi came to the Cincinnati Zoo from the Wildlife Safari in Oregon.

The zoo said after radiographs before the cub's birth showed the mom was carrying a single cub.

Zoo officials said when a single cub is born, the mom will not produce enough milk for it to survive.

They said knowing this, officials said the cub would have to be hand-reared and the cheetah Species Survival Plan identified Cincinnati Zoo as the best place for this cub to be raised.

The Cincinnati Zoo and Wildlife Safari are two of only 10 facilities that participate in the AZA-accredited cheetah Breeding Center Coalition. The BCC’s goal is to create a sustainable cheetah population that will prevent the extinction of the world’s fastest land animal.

Cheetahs are endangered, and their population worldwide has shrunk from about 100,000 in 1900 to an estimated 9,000 to 12,000 cheetahs today.

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