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City officials propose to change Metro Nashville's districts

WSMV Nashville logo WSMV Nashville 10/15/2021

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - A fast-growing population means lines must be redrawn across Nashville.

On Friday, the city released its proposal for new district lines. A small change in the district could make a big difference in a neighborhood's voice.

Southeastern Nashville will go from essentially one big district to several smaller ones. A necessary change after this region experienced the city's biggest boom in population.

A metro-wide redistricting proposal would bring the most changes to southeast Nashville.

"We just had such a big population growth we knew a district might get drawn into the southeast," Metro Councilor Sandra Sepulveda said.

Sepulveda explained the current map of district 30 splits some neighborhoods.

"There is a very big immigrant population across Harding that had been cut off," Sepulveda said.

Nashville's first-ever Latina on the council, Sepulveda, said she hopes drawing new lines will more appropriately distribute representation.

"The idea was to make a neighborhood whole," Sepulveda said. "They did live in my district, so they would shop eat do all of that in my district. So when you divide, I like that it tends to divide communities and changes their representation a little bit."

Southeast Nashville is one of several neighborhoods across the Metro that could see changes to its district lines.

"The southeast coalition works together pretty often, and now having potentially a new council member joining the southeast coalition. I think that helps us in a way to make a case for more resources," Sepulveda said.


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