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Conservative TV host Tomi Lahren turns model to sell $90 yoga pants claiming that they embrace true American freedoms despite being 'made in CHINA'

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a group of people on a beach posing for the camera: Part of Lahren's 'Freedom' line which featured bra tops, yoga pants, bomber jackets and more

Part of Lahren's 'Freedom' line which featured bra tops, yoga pants, bomber jackets and more
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Tomi Lahren is selling $90 yoga pants that she claims embrace true American freedoms despite accusations that they are made China. 

The 27-year-old TV host has come under fire for her new 'Freedom' clothing range with active wear brand Alexo Athletica.

The clothing line that revolves around a red, white and blue color scheme also has a star-spangled and alternate camouflage print. 

Bizarrely, the brand creates clothing with gun holsters meant for carrying weapons under 23 ounces. 

But unlike those pieces, the Fox Nation host's pants have not been fitted with a gun holster although they do have space to carry a 'small self-defense tool.'

In a promotional video, Lahren explains links her clothing to empowerment describing it as 'fiercely patriotic' and 'supporting your president, your country.'

Designs in the range include a bra top for $52, sweater for $69, leggings at $89 and a bomber jacket for $99, which she highlighted have a affinity with America.

Lahren said: 'The young people they want something that says, I'm proud to be an American, I believe in freedom, I love the United States military.

'That's what these patterns really represent.'

But since the launch, the public has asked where the clothing is made - a question which Lahren hasn't answered.

One Twitter user Robyn Pennacchia retweeted a conversation about someone selling a separate piece of Alexo Athletica clothing online who quizzed the buyer about the materials used.

The response was: 'It's 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex. Made in China though.' 

This left many unhappy, with user MurDogg wrote: 'Having a hard time finding where these clothes are made. Looking on the website and can't find "made in USA" anywhere.'

Another added:  'Why is it made in China though? You guys must hate America or this would have been manufactured in MURICAAAAAAA!'

'White power clothing made in China. How refreshing,' user Sixty 8 added.

Azia Gunn said: 'You're such a patriot that you had the line manufactured in... (wait for it).... CHINA.'

Lahren also came under fire for partnering with the brand, especially since some of its clothes include built-in gun holsters.  

And although Lahren's 'Freedom' line does not have gun carrying capabilities, she reiterated her belief in the Second Amendment along with other patriotic slogans.

Lahren said: 'I think there are a lot of young girls out there that don’t feel like they have a brand that represents their freedom. 

They don’t believe they have a brand that represents their rights.'

Speaking of the confidence wearers could feel, Lahren suggested that boldness was a trait that would make her more likely to consider them a friend. 

She said: 'If you're going to put stars across your thighs and your butt, you're confident in who you are and that means something to me.' has reached out to Alexo Athletica for comment.

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