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Construction crews create road for washout-trapped Manassas Park residents

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Construction crews create road for washout-trapped Manassas Park residents

The Moseby Ridge community in Manassas Park and its 400 residents were stranded into the early afternoon after the one road used to access the condominiums and townhouses partially washed away, creating a large, muddy hole.

A washout on Moseby Drive in Manassas Park trapped approximately 400 residents in 80 townhomes and 16 condominiums. It is the only access road for that community.

Wednesday’s early morning storm lit up the dark sky with flashes of lightning and rattled windows with loud thunder.

“It was just crazy. It sounded like the thunder was going to hit our house it sounded like it was right next to our house,” said resident Diego Bascope.

Bascope took his 10-month-old puppy Broly for a walk, but he was supposed to be at work. The electrician wasn’t playing hooky, the one road in and out of the neighborhood washed away.

“Definitely stopped the whole neighborhood from doing what they need to do,” said Bascope.

There is a creek that runs under the road. The rain created rushing water that swallowed up asphalt, fencing and one car. Other vehicles teetered on the edge of the chasm but were pulled out by tow trucks.

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By late morning, the water became shallow and moved slowly through. At the height of the storm, the water crested its banks and covered grass and plants in mud close to backyards.

“It’s crazy,” said resident Nancy Mann.

Nancy and her husband Greg were awakened by the thunder in the early morning hours. They heard construction noise and neighbors talking outside their window.

“We got up late this morning and then found out, we can’t get out!” she said.

Neighbors told them the storm created a big problem.

Nancy kept a positive attitude.

“If this is the worst that happens in our life, we’re OK!”

Crews from Manassas and Manassas Park worked quickly to create an emergency solution for the stranded residents.

A fence and some trees at Stonewall Park is one of the separating lines between the two cities. Those were removed and asphalt was added to create a new road.

The temporary fix took less than three hours. It left just enough time for Nancy to get to a doctor’s appointment. She was the first vehicle out and many others followed.

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