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Cult of intellectuality: The push for critical race theory in California schools

Washington Examiner logo Washington Examiner 7/30/2021 Christopher Tremoglie
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As the discussion on critical race theory continues across the country, several organizations are trying to keep the latest radical, toxic, and Marxist infiltration from the classrooms of California.

The struggle to accomplish this is difficult. Sticking to the core tenets of Marxism, CRT supporters seek to overthrow the existing system and vehemently reject those who oppose them. They adhere to a cult of intellectuality, presuming their way of thinking is greater than, and morally superior to, that of anyone who opposes them. The most recent example of this happened in Orange County this week.

Orange County’s Board of Education held a discussion on July 27 regarding the state’s new ethnic studies curriculum focusing on the ideas of racism, equity, and justice. The meeting was meant to give parents a chance to discuss the curriculum with a group of scholars. The event was supposed to be bipartisan. It included two Democrats, two independents, and one Republican. However, when one of the speakers became aware some of the panelists disagreed with critical race theory, she dropped out.

Cal State Northridge Professor Theresa Montaño, leading educator-activist for the Liberated Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum and ardent critical race theory supporter, did not feel speaking with people of diverse viewpoints was worth her time.

“If I had felt that tonight was going to open the door to meaningful dialogue, and a meaningful exchange of how to implement ethnic studies … I would have attended,” she said, according to the Los Angeles Times.

It is worth nothing that Montaño is the same scholar who allegedly called the Anti-Defamation League, a liberal-leaning Jewish civil rights group, a white supremacist organization. Montaño also has a history of quoting Marxist journals in her academic work. So, it should be no shock she refused to be present for diverse viewpoints that challenged her CRT beliefs.

This is a rather typical response of Marxist-inspired leftists when encountering opposition to critical race theory. Their cult of intellectuality rejects real inclusion and diversity of thought because it challenges the righteous indignation of their belief system. As much as CRT supporters preach about diversity and inclusion, those only apply insofar as they align with them. Otherwise, any opposition is summarily rejected, just as Montaño demonstrated. From at least the time of the publication of George Orwell's classic Animal Farm, critics have understood this refusal to brook dissent as a critical feature of Marxism.

Wenyuan Wu, executive director of the Californians for Equal Rights Foundation, one of the fiercest fighters against implementing critical race theory in California schools and one of the panelists at the discussion, rejects Montaño’s line of thinking.

“There seems to be a common misperception that only ethnic studies 'specialists' of a particular brand of educator-activists can dominate the public discourse and policy deliberations on this topic,” Wu told me. “To be blunt, one needed not to be well-versed in Marxism or read The Communist Manifesto to become an efficient Red Guard in Mao’s China. By the same token, as an interdisciplinary field of scholarly inquiry, ethnic studies will benefit from intellectual fertilization of legal studies, history, sociology, economics, political science, anthropology, cultural studies, and so on.”

Wu also emphatically believes that ethnic studies would strongly benefit from taking a diverse approach to include the perspectives of those who oppose critical race theory. It's too bad that CRT advocates such as Montaño are turning what is supposed to be a "study" into a rigid ideology that allows no opposing viewpoints.

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