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D.C. home sales

The Washington Post logo The Washington Post 11/18/2020

District of Columbia

These sales data recorded in June by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Ames St., 3346-Loretta J. Turner to Patricia Ann Harris, $345,000.

Clay Pl., 3316-Granville Hall Jr. to Bryan Michael McClean, $335,000.

Eastern Ave., 4534-Estate of Ivey Louise Wright and Ivan Derrick Wright to Anthony E. Amerson, $435,000.

Evarts St., 2203-Kevin J. Mullone to Alan Cade Holleman and Andres C. Cannon, $760,000.

Farragut Pl., 1229-Jean Kakpovi to Daniel and Reagan Carroll, $515,000.

Gales St., 1622-Maia A. Cave to Ryan and Hilary Tomeny, $820,000.

Hamlin St., 613, No. 1-Jason Percival to Paul David Ashton II, $285,000.

Jackson St., 1715-John M. Fruge and Stacie M. Fabre to Robert McDonald and Jennifer Jopling, $900,000.

Karl Pl., 5222-Jack Spicer Properties Corp. to Kevin D. Hooks, $399,900.

L St., 1801-Estate of Wallace R. Botts and Karen D. Botts to Andrew James Bernhard, $345,000.

Marne Pl., 4254-Estate of Annie B. Best and Cynthia Best-Goring to Coliece R. Rice, $470,000.

Michigan Ave., 1123-Rodney Creecy to Christina Mullen and Brandon Minnaar, $558,000.

Neal St., 1142-Core Investments Corp. to Jonathan Michael Rauch and Jacqueline Olivia Yarbro, $692,000.

Owen Pl., 1149, No. 3-Chanell Dunham to Tanja Pavlovic, $362,500.

S St., 2200-Brian O. Hora to Kristen Marie O’Neill, $690,000.

Sheriff Rd., 5149-Clear Sky Holdings Corp. to Krystal Taylor, $399,000.

Varnum Pl., 4316-Dennis E. and Deborah B. Jones to Chitra Subramanian and James Pearlstein, $551,250.

Wylie St., 1215-Nathaniel and Rebecca C. Russ to Paul and Ashley Drake, $750,000.

Third St., 1137-Matthew and Samantha Lee to Ann Frances Entwistle, $725,000.

Fifth St., 2801-Jack W. and Terri R. Spencer to Carolyn Anne Plank and Christopher William Ramig, $800,000.

Sixth St., 1038, No. 201-PD 601 Properties Corp. to Johnathan Spiegel, $520,000.

Seventh St., 3058-MS-Brookland Corp. to Edgar Ivan Hernandez and Allen McMillen, $1.01 million.

13th St., 3300-Randall J. and Rachel Pfeiffer Bee to Paul Everett Knupp III and Marie Claire Langley, $925,566.

16th St., 1262-David Eric Keas to Angela MacMurray, $500,000.

24th St., 519-Darryl A. Moore to Emily Elizabeth Slack, $620,000.

35th St., 132-Beulah Robinson to Damian Smith, $335,000.

56th Pl., 268-Elshazli & Jones Holding Corp. to Christopher Drew Nussman, $345,000.


Albemarle St., 3020-John H.C. and Peter C. Gordon to Joshua A. Savitch and Minsuh Son, $1.48 million.

Ashmead Pl., 2357-Brian J. Aitken and Andrea Evers to Cameron O. Kistler and Elizabeth A. Kelly, $1.85 million.

Bryant St., 120-Amanda Major and Charles Beene to Catherine Quinn Kaplun and Joseph Anthony Bonanni, $1.4 million.

California St., 2123, No. C9-Maria T. Montanez to Gerry Gingrich, $725,000.

Capitol St. N., 2118-Leone Holdings Corp. to James Tyler Lopez and Mark Stern, $975,000.

Chancery Ct., 4032-Manouchehr Ganji to Kay I. and Timothy John Waud, $1.45 million.

Connecticut Ave., 5311, No. 5-Kara L. Flack to Robert Emmett Kelly III and Tiffany M. Henkel, $220,000.

Dent Pl., 3014, No. 22E-Donald L. and Peggy C. Hardee to Brenton Elizabeth Corbitt Hardee, $646,000.

E St., 616, No. 1012-Michelle Avrutin to Kyle Lionel Drew Maull, $511,000.

Euclid St., 1306-Robert G. Hartling to Julie Christine Lopez, $1.2 million.

Franklin St., 410-Timothy F. Baird to Nathan Kreoger and Michael A. Berk, $592,850.

Geranium St., 1203-Elizabeth Colleen Aulwes and Charles Murphy Cornelius to Jonathan T. Gottfried and Sabrina Fantoni Custodio, $815,000.

Holmead Pl., 3565-Nike O. Opadiran to Kara and Michael Barber, $794,000.

Ingraham St., 429-Daniel D. Reilly and Marissa J. Morabito to Sarah J. and Michael Carpenter, $885,000.

K St., 1150, No. 903-Avinash and Nirali Shah Sharma to Joanne Chong, $469,000.

Loughboro Rd., 5016-Hamid M. Afsharieh to Sanja Kupesic Plavsic, $1.59 million.

M St., 925, No. 1-James M. Gordon to Philip James Madelen Rucker, $1.46 million.

Massachusetts Ave., 555, No. 1212-Theodore B. Randles to Kyle Morgan, $449,900.

Milmarson Pl., 18-Alicia Alfred to Katie Laurence Cerretani, $655,000.

Mount Pleasant St., 3425-Margaret Anne Kohn to Casey M. Goldvale and Wesley J. Cornell, $650,000.

N St., 1420, No. 802-Naveena S. Bushan to James Gleason, $292,500.

N St., 3288-Catalina V. and Roger B. Wilkison to Roy Van der Weide and Nadine Adel Morcos Ghobrial, $1.64 million.

New Hampshire Ave., 3516-Raymond T. Hum and Anna L. Chu to Adam Davidson and Rebecca Stang, $965,000.

Ontario Rd., 2426, No. 205-Kathryn Bannantine to Daniel Richard Galante, $433,000.

Park Rd., 1519, No. 301-Jose W. Guardado to Brian N. and Wendy Lukas, $552,500.

Pennsylvania Ave., 701, No. 1121-Lewis F. Payne Jr. and Michael D. Donovan to Douglas Mossman and Mary Clancy, $850,000.

Q St., 304, No. 1-Christopher Mylan to Sarah Parrish Bergquist, $400,000.

Randolph St., 829-Christian J. Assaad to Frances K. Neal, $785,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 1441, No. 301-Rhett Austin Kent to Susie Ahn, $759,000.

Rowland Pl., 3310-Clarissa Bonde to Justin Michael Babuscio and Stephanie Michelle Bernardi, $2.19 million.

Sherier Pl., 5439-Adil C. and Sebnem Sener to Sujeesh Kurup Sudarsana Kurup and Aparna Gopalakrishnan, $1.02 million.

Sutton Pl., 3209, No. A-Paul L. and Lauren M. Baker to Jordan Rippy, $725,000.

T St., 3823-Dana Prandoni to Ebtehaj Kalantar and Dara Koppelman, $1.02 million.

Tunlaw Rd., 2308-Margaret Winkler to Jeffrey William Hurvitz, $980,000.

V St., 1210, No. 1-Timothy Millette to Jessica Danielle Loesberg and Aviel Shai Tomar, $620,000.

Vermont Ave., 1904, No. D-Jonathan M. Cogley to Marco Larizza, $1.5 million.

W St., 923-David S. Gibbs to Matthew C. Bosch and Meredyth Ann Woody, $699,900.

Second St., 5407-Carole F. Beltrand to David Ingram Lesser and Leah Gage, $665,000.

Third St., 5012-Shawn Doran to Joshua Hajime Shiode and Jillian A. Berkowitz, $607,000.

Sixth St., 3545-Benjamin Noel and Abbey Smith Hunter to Christine J. McClung and John Casey Stevenson, $575,000.

Seventh St., 6308-Jacob and Megan Wilson to Eric A. Podberesky and Veronica Maria Vivas, $607,000.

Ninth St., 4604-Randolph S. Kinder III and Erin A. Blake to Kevin Irish and Lauren Anneberg, $848,000.

11th St., 2927-Genevieve Verdier to Carlos Angulo, $810,000.

13th St., 1300, No. 108-Sara F. Shroff to Landon Abraham Geurkink and Andrew Charles Post, $703,000.

13th St., 4011-Samantha A. and Jamal S. Williams to Tyler James and Jenny Page Schneider, $940,000.

15th St., 1515, No. 206-Bachlan Phan and Andy Anh Tuan Phan to Barrett Dickson, $510,000.

16th St., 1813, No. 2A-Margaret Kathleen Krusing to Jeffrey P. Lam, $514,183.

17th St., 1401, No. 604-Zahid W. and Asfa Z. Butt to D’Ann K. Lanning, $640,000.

18th St., 1545, No. 711-Stephen L. Lake and the Council of Co-Owners of Dupont East Condo Inc. to Vinay Kumar Gupta and Valentina Stavrova, $138,000.

19th St., 3224-MTM Design Build Corp. to Richard Duke and Aliya Haq, $1.65 million.

23rd St., 1111, No. 8G-Charles M. Goodfellow and Garland T. Hall Jr. to Mark Andrew Maguire and Linda Marie Jackson, $1.07 million.

30th Pl., 5432-Daniel R. Barney and Ann Malester to Kevin J. Donahue and Amy M. Lyon, $1.1 million.

32nd Pl., 6666-Mark H. and Patricia P. Sidman to Kevin M. Hawkins, $1.41 million.

45th St., 5212-Kathleen D. and Michael R. Hannan to Charity Cimafranca Hoffmann and Andrew Nicholas Leon Hoffmann, $836,500.


C St., 1537-M.A. Properties Corp. to Lindsay K. Adams, $717,500.

E St., 1108-Anna K. Hindle to Lauren Johnson and Michael Carmody, $1.1 million.

Fort Davis St., 1721-Mitchell and Kimberly M. Davis to Veronica Jackson, $436,900.

G St., 822-Braden and Mary Snyder to Patrick and Sarah Conway, $980,000.

High St., 2318-Arc Development Corp. to Kristi Zobel, $685,000.

Independence Ave., 1511-Stuart G. Allison to Elizabeth A. Wilke and Jeffrey Vieser, $610,000.

New Jersey Ave., 432-C. Petersen Meachum to Marc I. Teren, $733,085.

Pennsylvania Ave., 1343, No. 1-Scott T. Gallagher and Michael L. Rivers to Amy E. Sfara, $495,000.

Potomac Ave., 1427-Brenda G. Johnson to Patrick John Tangney and Christopher Scott Patterson, $555,000.

Ridge Rd., 644-Gloria G. Sanders to Deanna P. Ware, $391,000.

Tremont St., 2020-George Spears to Johanna G. Figueroa, $415,000.

W St., 3807, No. 202-Kimberly M. Dickerson to Nigel Habben, $165,000.

Seventh St., 748, No. C-Daniel Zachary and Yael Tuvia Epstein to David Whitehill Dunphy, $975,000.

11th St., 706-Leigh A. Fulton to Garrett Berntsen and Leona Rosenblum, $890,000.

15th St., 257, No. D-Nienke Beintema to Marielena Hincapie and Saket Soni, $663,000.

17th St., 103-Christopher and Sarah Milne to Kristofer H. Kvam, $703,000.

23rd St., 1615-R Street Lot Corp. to Takia D. Richardson and Camron Carter Bennett, $775,000.

47th St., 19-Khalid N. Malik to Earl Muldrow, $329,000.


Carrollsburg Pl., 1232-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-10 to Sarah Scher and Jonathan William Egerton, $650,000.

I St., 355, No. 413-Hirut Belachew and Estifanos Asheber to Jacob G. Moore, $409,000.

O St., 410, No. 108-Evan C. Tsue to Linda Moore, $399,999.

Fourth St., 800, No. S609-Jenny Cha to Federico Olivera Mendivil and Maria A.A. Elizalde, $352,000.


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