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Driver recovering after ice flies off truck, smashes through windshield

WCVB Boston logo WCVB Boston 2/2/2019
a man wearing glasses: William Taylor © Provided by William Taylor

A state Department of Transportation worker is recovering after ice that flew off the roof of a box truck smashed through his windshield and struck him in the face.

The ice flew off the truck Thursday near Exit 4 on Route 101 in Raymond. DOT worker William Taylor is back on the job and said he feels lucky to be alive.

"A piece, 2 feet by 1 foot wide, broke free, and I saw it. I saw it coming," Taylor said. "It was somersaulting through the air very slowly, so I knew it was pretty heavy."

Taylor said that, when he saw the ice flying toward him, his first concern was the other drivers around him.

"I was boxed in and didn't really have anywhere to go," he said. "I maintained my speed and hoped for the best."

What came next, Taylor said, was terrifying.

"I tucked my chin in like this and tried to take it on the hardest part of my head," he said.

After the ice smashed through his windshield, Taylor pulled over, and another driver called 911.

"I was pretty disoriented and shocked that I didn't get knocked out," he said.

Taylor has a laceration on his forehead and some scratches, but he's otherwise OK.

"They gave me some stitches. (I had) a busted lip and a few cuts on my face, but that is it," he said. "I was extremely lucky."

The box truck driver pulled over a short distance away and waited for an ambulance to arrive, but then took off, state police said. Investigators are now looking for the driver to enforce Jessica's Law, which establishes fines for drivers who don't clean snow and ice off their vehicles.

"We do take it very seriously," Lt. John Hennessey said. "If you have snow or ice on your vehicle, you will be stopped by the state police."

Anyone who has information about the incident is asked to call state police.

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