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Due to Coronavirus all fishing, with the exception of bank fishing, closed throughout Lake County.

Lake County Record-Bee logo Lake County Record-Bee 5/1/2020 Terry Knight

No one would ever have dreamed that just when the bass fishing on Clear Lake was ready to go into high gear and the bass would be ready to grab just about any lure,  that the lake would basically be closed to fishing. That is exactly what has happened. Due to the Coronavirus that all fishing, with the exception of bank fishing, would be closed throughout Lake County. I can’t ever remember the county being completely closed to fishing and boating. Even during the floods there were some bodies of water that stayed open to fishing. Who would have thought that an object as small as the virus that it takes a powerful microscope to see one could completely shut down one of the most popular outdoor sports in the world.

To say the fishermen are frustrated is a gross understatement. A few of the fishermen have been fishing off the shore and they are catching a good number of bass, crappie and bluegill. The bass have moved into the shallows and are spawning. One of the more popular areas has been the Lakeside County Park where there has been about a dozen fishermen scattered along the shoreline. The good news is that the fishermen have been staying at least 10 feet part from each other.

What is also strange to see are the lack of bass boats on trailers cruising down the highways. In fact, to see any boat on a trailer is rare sight. Actually, here is no reason that limited fishing from a kayak or float tube couldn’t be allowed. Fishermen are solitary people and they don’t like other fishermen being near them. Most will stay at least 100 yards from another fisherman. The local tackle shops should also be allowed to reopen. A rule could be that restricts the number of fishermen in the store not to exceed Email Alert, two and the remainder would have to wait outside.

Trout were hard to come by for the opening of the stream trout season on the East Branch of the Russian River. Several anglers reported either catching no trout or only one or two. The river was on the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s stocking list for last week, but it is unknown if they actually stocked the stream.

Upper Blue Lake was stocked and is putting out a few limits for the bank fishermen. The trout being caught have been huge with some being as long as 15 inches. Like all the lakes in Lake County, no fishing is allowed from a boat and only kayaks, canoes and float tubes are allowed on any body of water within the county.

The road going into Indian Valley Lake is still locked. Yolo County plans on keeping the ramp and parking lot closed until the county lifts the restrictions.

The spring wild turkey season ends on Sunday and overall the season has been rated fair. Most of the hunters managed to work gobblers and some bagged a few. All the hunters reported that the hunting pressure was the lowest they had seen in a number of years.

Whereas the fishing throughout the county has been severely restricted, the county is pretty much open for hiking and other outdoor activities. The Clear Lake State Park is open for those that want to hike in. You can park alongside the Soda Bay Road at the entrance to the park. This is a beautiful park with loads of wildlife and during the shutdown of the county the park has drawn a lot of visitors


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