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‘Shoot Like a Girl’ makes a pit stop in Alabama, teaching women how to handle and shoot weapons with mobile range

WALA Mobile 3/12/2022 Jiani Navarro
'Shoot like a Girl' makes pit stop in Alabama, teaching women how to handle and shoot weapons © Provided by WALA Mobile 'Shoot like a Girl' makes pit stop in Alabama, teaching women how to handle and shoot weapons

SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WALA) - One unique program is helping women to “Shoot Like A Girl” and women in Spanish Fort had the opportunity to participate.

It is all about the importance of firearm safety and helping women feel empowered.

Picking up a gun for the first time can be intimidating. Knowing how to load and shoot it safely can sometimes be even harder.

“You know they come in, they may be a little nervous. They may have had a bad experience and so we’re able to help them overcome that fear,” said Dub Fincher, the Advanced Operations Manager:

Shoot Like a Girl is helping women everywhere learn step-by-step how to handle and shoot different weapons, from a 9mm pistol, .223 rifle, and a bow and arrow.

This is all done inside of a Shoot Like A Girl mobile range. Once inside, trained and certified female instructors and archery coaches walk women through how to pick up, load, hold and shoot the weapons.

There is no live ammo, all the training is done using a military-grade firearms simulation system and archery range.

Twenty-one-year-old BreAnna Yarbrough said it made a huge difference to have a female instructor.

“I felt better that it was a woman teaching me because when a man teaches you they don’t know how a woman feels,” said Yarbrough, “Because when you use it sometimes you don’t have the upper body strength and men do and it was harder for me to hold it and they taught me the right way to use it so I felt safer with a woman rather then a man telling me how to do it.”

Other women say they waited for an opportunity just like this one to build their confidence in owning a gun.

“The women are so smart, they showed us everything to do, I feel so relaxed. I’m pretty sure I know what gun I’m going to end up buying now. I live out on in the country, I need some protection just to feel safe,” said Toni Christopher.

All the women I spoke to say the experience was exhilarating and it made them feel powerful, most importantly they say they now feel safe with a gun.

“It gives you a sense of power and control and yeah it’s important for every woman to feel empowered,” said Christopher.

The program is that it is 100 percent free and well over 27-thousand women have participated in the program.

Shoot Like A Girl said it is committed to educating women about safe responsible gun ownership, the benefits of firearms, and the positive influence the participation of shooting sports can have on your life.

Shoot Like A Girl has not confirmed when they will be coming back to Alabama.

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