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Flagstaff friends discover monolith in Utah is gone

KPNX-TV Phoenix logo KPNX-TV Phoenix 11/30/2020 Rich Prange

On Nov. 18, a Utah Department of Public Safety helicopter crew spotted a large silver object standing out in the middle of nowhere in Southeast Utah – a mystery that got a lot of people excited to see it for themselves.

No one knows how the strange object ended up in the Utah Desert.

Utah DPS officials believe it was about 10 to 12 feet high.

Was it left behind by an artist or an alien lifeform?

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Either way – Mario Pulkkinen and his Army buddy Rob wanted to check it out for themselves

“It was about a 20-mile trek down a dirt road. We had it on GPS. If you didn’t have a 4x4. A big 4x4 you wouldn’t make the trek. It was fun,” said Mario Pulkkinen, who co-owns Civano Coffee House in Flagstaff.

When they got to the location – it was gone.

“The only thing we found was the pile of rocks with the metal top of it still sitting there,” said Pulkkinen “It was a pretty thick piece of stainless steel or aluminum. It weighed about 20 pounds”

Who put the monolith there or took it away is still a mystery but Mario doesn’t buy the extraterrestrial theory.

“The one conspiracy where they thought it was a movie they were filming, and it was just something they left down there as part of the set,” said Pulkkinen.

The Monolith is gone, but Mario says the trek to find it was a nice escape from all the pandemic stress.

“Kind of a treasure hunt thing. Just kind of makes people happy. They should’ve just left it alone,” said Pulkkinen.


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