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Former Christian school headmaster scrambling to defend ugly racist Twitter account: report

Raw Story 12/4/2022 Tom Boggioni
Thomas Achord (Photo via Ars Politica podcast) © provided by RawStory Thomas Achord (Photo via Ars Politica podcast)

According to a report from the Daily Beast's Will Sommer, the former headmaster of a Baton Rouge private school dedicated to providing a "classical Christian education" is scrambling to explain the racist posts he made under a pseudonym that led to his firing just after Thanksgiving.

At issue for self-proclaimed Christian nationalist Thomas Achord is a Twitter account he created under the name Tulius Aadland that was laden with racist and sexist comments.

With Sommer writing that Achord was seen as a "rising star" in the Christian nationalist movement, he added that star has plummeted to Earth since the Twitter revelation.

"Achord lived a clandestine second life on Twitter, under the vaguely ancient-sounding name 'Tulius Aadland,'" he wrote. "There, he called a Black member of Congress a 'negress' and Black teenagers 'chimps.' Achord opined about his desires for a 'race realist white nationalism.' He complained that the middle school-aged stars of a Netflix movie simply weren’t hot enough for him. He expounded on his ideas about 'Jewish satanism' and argued Jewish people were tricking the United States into “'Jew wars.'"

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Those revelations in turn led to his ouster at Sequitur Classical Academy and Achord admitting that he was the owner of the account. However he is putting up a fight saying he may have owned the account, but he doesn't remember writing the ugly tweets.

"Achord insisted there were contradictions between himself and the 'Tulius' person that he couldn’t reconcile. For example, while he wrote on the Tulius account that he would never go to a Mexican restaurant, his Mexican mother had made him food as a child," Sommer wrote.

"Achord’s secret Twitter account has occasioned much agonizing in the world of Christian nationalism, as his ideological compatriots publicly struggle to understand how one of their own could harbor such racist views. One called him a 'stowaway' within Christian nationalism, smuggling racism into their beliefs," the Beast report states before adding, "What’s come to be called 'the Achord affair' among right-wing intellectuals comes as Christian nationalists—who believe that America is a divinely favored nature nation that should be governed according to conservative Christian principles—are increasingly open about their goals in American politics."

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