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Fox & Friends Gets Tense After Steve Doocy Points Out Feds Didn’t Get Involved in Hunter Laptop Story

Mediaite 12/6/2022 Colby Hall

Things got a little heated on the Fox & Friends curvy couch Tuesday morning as the convivial co-hosts sparred over details, revealed surrounding Twitter’s controversial handling of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

On Friday of last week, Matt Taibbi posted a Twitter thread that was presented by Elon Musk as clear evidence of a First Amendment violation by the federal government. While many were quick to call it a bombshell, it was more of a dud, as I wrote Saturday morning. Even New York Post writer Miranda Devine dismissed the merits of the thread Friday night.

There are several issues with the claim of First Amendment overreach; however, namely Taibbi himself said that the federal government did not intercede, which was a point that Steve Doocy made clearly and concisely.

The segment opened with a clip of Senator Ted Cruz amplifying Republican talking points about “Twitter Files,” though much of what he said was flat-out wrong. Doocy said that he didn’t know what the senator was talking about before citing Taibbi’s writing on Friday “although several sources recalled hearing about a general warning from federal law enforcement that summer about possible foreign hacks, there’s no evidence that I have seen of any government influence in the laptop story. In fact, that might have been the problem.”

“So, according to the guy who Elon Musk gave all the secrets to, he said I don’t see federal law enforcement involved in the laptop story at all,” Doocy included.

This did not play well with Brian Kilmeade, who appears to be wedded to the idea that the FBI DID, in fact, insert themselves in a conspiratorial or unfair manner. I wouldn’t use the word “apoplectic” to describe Kilmeade’s reaction, but he didn’t calmly receive Doocy’s statement of facts, as it’s clear that he believes there is far great injustice at play than his co-host explained.

The back and forth was respectful, but it was a clear representation of the ongoing debate even on the right side of the aisle, as to what exactly happened surrounding this story. Is it a huge deal, as some are making it out for political gain, or not that big of a deal, as others are making it out for political gain?

Watch above via Fox News.

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