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Sherman church creates George Hughes Memorial Scholarship

Sherman-Ada KXII logo Sherman-Ada KXII 5/24/2022 Hannah Gonzales
This vital piece of history isn’t being taught in most Grayson County schools. © Provided by Sherman-Ada KXII This vital piece of history isn’t being taught in most Grayson County schools.

SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - The lynching of George Hughes in 1930, sparked a city-wide riot in Sherman and is now the subject of a two-year effort to establish a historical marker.

Until the event is publicly recognized, the community is taking steps to ensure this history and the name George Hughes is recognized by all generations.

This vital piece of history isn’t being taught in most Grayson County schools.

Therefore, to commemorate this history, the George Hughes Memorial Scholarship was created.

The scholarship was created by Grace United Methodist Church, located in Sherman.

Pastor Dreener states, “there are people that have grown up here their whole life who don’t know anything about this story or this history”.

To prevent history from being lost, the church created the scholarship to engage students in the conversation.

Maranda Joyce, founder of the George Hughes Memorial Scholarship states, “we asked them to write an essay to reflect how that history impacts the county today and also if they have ideas for how the county can become a more just place for all”.

There were nine senior students who entered and the board narrowed it down to four recipients.

One recipient received one-thousand-five hundred dollar and the other three received one-thousand dollars each.

Most importantly, the scholarship received overwhelming support from the community.

It even caught the eyes of a civil rights group based in the Seattle area.

The church plans to continue the scholarship years to come but hopes next year will be easier for those who apply.

“The historical marker is supposed to be erected next year and so we may be able to have a more specific prompt just knowing that students are able to go actually read the history on the marker”, adds Joyce.

To learn more about the scholarship you can visit the Grace United Methodist Church.

And to donate for next years scholarship, click here.

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