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Glenn Youngkin calls for salary increases for teachers, law enforcement

WJLA – Washington D.C. logo WJLA – Washington D.C. 12/8/2021 Nick Minock

Glenn Youngkin is calling for pay hikes for teachers and law enforcement. This week sitting Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam called for the same thing – including 10% raises for teachers over two years.

7News asked Gov. Elect Youngkin if he supports the 10% raises for teachers. He said his administration doesn’t have a specific number yet.

“It all depends on what else is going to be handed to us by Governor Northam,” said Youngkin. “He has to propose a comprehensive budget and we have to see what he proposes. We’ve got our own formulation across all these areas, so I’m going to have to react to what is handed to us. Again, I believe teacher salaries should be increased. I believe law enforcement salaries should be increased. It was a big part of our day one game plan and I’m very excited to see that Governor Northam supports our day one game plan.”

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In an interview with 7News, Youngkin also gave his thoughts on Fairfax County Public Schools' decision to return two books to school libraries that some parents say contain sexually explicit material inappropriate for students.

The two books are named Gender Queer and Lawn Boy.

After two months of reviewing the books, two FCPS committees unanimously recommended that the books should remain available -- As a result of their decision, some parents voiced concern at a recent Fairfax School Board meeting that the review process is one-sided and the review committees include only like-minded individuals – and thus shuts out parents who have concerns.

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Youngkin said the book review process should be reviewed.

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“I also think that the review process for books in the library is one that needs to continue to be reviewed,” said Youngkin. “And the mere fact that we’ve got many, many, many, many parents that are upset with the content of these books should result in a review of this review process. The primary reason is not to ban books. This is where everybody goes: ban books. No, this is chance to give parents have a broad participation in their children’s education. Not a single or two parents that are reviewing a book on behalf of all parents. This is a chance for parents to have a voice and I do believe they should have one.”

“There needs to be transparency that these books exist and that in fact if they are involved in the curriculum parents should have the right to specifically request and be granted a replacement book or element of the curriculum and that’s a bill, of course, that was passed in bipartisan fashion and then vetoed by then-Governor McAuliffe and that’s a bill I would sign if it came to my desk,” said Youngkin.

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In a statement, FCPS said the books Gender Queer and Lawn Boy are “valuable in their potential to reach marginalized youth who may struggle to find relatable literary characters that reflect their personal journeys.”

Youngkin is getting ready for his first legislative session as governor and his inauguration weekend.

“We got an extraordinary number of very, very talented and capable people that have their hand up and said we want to come work for Virginians and that’s just really encouraging,” said Youngkin. “Our day one game plan is really important, and I’m very encouraged not only by the leadership from the Republicans but also the bipartisan support on a number of fronts. I believe our inauguration weekend will be one that many, many, many Virginians will have the opportunity to participate in because that’s exactly what we wanted.”


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