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Gun and ammo sales surge ahead of election

WPMI Mobile logo WPMI Mobile 10/23/2020 Andrea Ramey

Jeff Stone, owner of Stone Arms, says two day ago he received a shipment of 9mm ammunition. The pallet of boxes contained 50,000 rounds total. By Thursday afternoon, half of it had sold, and he anticipates by Monday it will be gone.

"It's extremely busy," said Stone.

Stone says the spike in sales started with the pandemic.

"Just like the toilet paper, they were panicking. They thought there was going to be Marshal law," said Stone.

Three Brothers Arms in Baldwin County says between civil unrest and the election year, the surge never really stopped.

"We've had a 100% increase in sales pretty much the whole year," said Scott Thompson, owner of Gulf Firearms Instruction located at Three Brothers Arms.

Stone says people tell him they're worried about civil unrest after the election.

"There are a lot of people worried about riots after the election, no matter what the outcome is," said Stone.

Both owners say they're seeing a lot of people who've never owned a gun before walking through their doors.

"We're seeing a very large percentage of brand new shooters," said Thompson.

"Literally people who walk in and say, 'I don't like guns. I never wanted to buy a gun, but here I am .I think I need a gun,'" said Stone.

And while both locations offer firearms training. Stone says he's worried a lot of people aren't taking the time to learn.

"They're buying the gun, they're buying the ammo and then they're going home and they're kind of forgetting about it, unless they need it and when they do need it they don't know how to use it. It's not safe at all," said Stone.


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