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Here are the best Minecraft Black Friday deals we could find

Windows Central logo Windows Central 11/27/2020 Zachary Boddy

It's Black Friday, that time of year again, and discounts for all kinds of products are smothering us, making it difficult to tell a real deal from a dud. Minecraft, one of the biggest games in the world, has a huge variety of toys, merch, and collectibles for fans and players to enjoy, and many of them are bound to be discounted for this Black Friday season. We scoured the internet for the best Minecraft-related Black Friday deals and came up with a solid selection of great discounts. Be sure to also check out Amazon's Minecraft holiday gift guide for some great ideas for gifts.

Minecraft, but not

Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition

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Staff Pick

Minecraft Dungeons is the co-op focused ARPG spin-off of Minecraft and has proven itself to be a great game to play with friends. This special Black Friday deal nets you the Hero Edition, which includes both existing DLC expansions for the game as well as some cosmetic goodies, for 33% off, with your choice of Xbox or PS4.

$20 at Amazon (33% off Xbox physical) $20 at Amazon (33% off PS4 physical) $20 at Wal-Mart (33% off Xbox digital)

The perfect blend

LEGO Minecraft - The Crafting Box 3.0 (564 pieces)

diagram, engineering drawing © Provided by Windows Central

Feature Favorite

LEGO and Minecraft are all about unleashing your creativity and building whatever you desire, so it only makes sense that something like the Crafting Box exists. This set looks like just a ton of multi-colored LEGO pieces on the surface, but it is, in reality, a way for Minecraft fans to combine LEGO with their favorite game...with several different ways to build.

$56 at Amazon (20% off) $56 at Wal-Mart (20% off) $59 at Best Buy (16% off)

Redstone wars

LEGO Minecraft - Redstone Battle (504 pieces)

a close up of a toy store © Provided by Windows Central

Minecraft has had great success translating into LEGO, and this set is no exception. Coming from the Minecraft Dungeons side of Minecraft, Redstone Battle gives you very cool figures of a redstone golem and the Redstone Monstrosity, as well as tons of mini-figures to flesh out your collection.

$32 at Amazon (20% off) $32 at Wal-Mart (20% off) $32 at Best Buy (20% off)

The End of LEGO

LEGO Minecraft - End Battle (222 pieces)

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Minecraft's LEGO rendition of the final battle between the player and the End Dragon comes to life in this smaller set, which gives you a great End Dragon figure, an enderman, another mini-figure, and even an in-game character skin that you can use in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

$16 at Amazon (20% off) $16 at Wal-Mart (20% off)

Panda panda panda

LEGO Minecraft - Panda Nursery (204 pieces)

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This Minecraft LEGO set ramps up the cuteness factor by giving you two panda figures, an ocelot figure, a new mini-figure, and a little enclosure for your new Minecraft animals to live in. And, of course, you can't forget that this set also nets you a LEGO cake.

$16 at Amazon (20% off) $16 at Wal-Mart (20% off) $17 at Best Buy (15% off)

A lotta booty

LEGO Minecraft - Pirate Ship Adventure (386 pieces)

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The Pirate Ship Adventure LEGO Minecraft set is a great one for the price, as it gives you three mini-figures, a parrot, a turtle, a dolphin, a pirate ship, a rocky cove, and two different ways you can build the set. You can either have the pirate ship in one piece or broken in two over the rocky cove.

$32 at Amazon (20% off) $32 at Wal-Mart (20% off)

Cool wool

LEGO Minecraft - Wool Farm (260 pieces)

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This Minecraft set has a lot of pieces for the price and has several ways of building it. With it, you get one mini-figure (it's Steve!), three sheep figures, and some plots of land with ways to build three different statues. You have your choice between a giant red sheep, a giant parrot, or a giant heart.

$16 at Amazon (20% off) $16 at Best Buy (20% off)

Burning bridges

LEGO Minecraft - Blaze Bridge (372 pieces)

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This LEGO Minecraft set takes things to the Nether, with a new mini-figure wielding full diamond gear, a wither skeleton, a blaze, and a portion of a terrifying Nether Fortress with lava, traps, and moving pieces. This is a fun build, with a good number of pieces for the price.

$24 at Amazon (20% off) $24 at Wal-Mart (20% off) $27 at Best Buy (10% off)

Minecraft comfort

Minecraft Isometric Bed Set

© Provided by Windows Central

For the most avid of Minecraft fans, consider this customized bed set, either for Full or Twin size beds, decked out in a glorious Minecraft pattern. This bedset includes a comforter, two sheets, and at least one pillow case, and is sure to make your child happy when it's time for bed.

$50 at Amazon (Full) $50 at Wal-Mart (28% off Full) $58 at Amazon (28% off Twin)

The best Minecraft discounts

There are quite a few great deals on Minecraft this year, especially on LEGO, but two stood out above the rest. Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition has a solid discount at 33% off, making it super easy to jump into the latest addition to the Minecraft universe. Minecraft Dungeons is a completely different kind of game than normal Minecraft, but it still features the artwork, characters, and universe that Minecraft fans know and love. This game is awesome for playing with friends, and the Hero Edition comes with all the current DLC expansions and update.

While there are tons of LEGO Minecraft sets, the Crafting Box 3.0 captures what makes both brands special in an awesome manner. With this LEGO set, you can combine the best of LEGO and Minecraft with several different building recipes in one and tons of Minecraft-themed LEGO pieces to bring a bit of Minecraft into the real world using LEGO.


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