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Kennywood discusses new security system after shooting

WTAE Pittsburgh 9/29/2022
kennywood discusses additional safety measures following saturday shooting. © WTAE kennywood discusses additional safety measures following saturday shooting.

Kennywood officials talked about updated security measures following a shooting at the park Saturday night.

Kennywood said the new security system is a high-tech detection system from the company Evolv. They say it scans bags without a person physically checking them.

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"It's a fast-flowing system. You don't even know it's happening," Kennywood general manager Mark Pauls said.

Kennywood said the new security system keeps parkgoers moving while they are being screened.

“They have an exact monitor sitting there and they can say what's in your right front pocket. So, they address that. So, anybody that comes through, that's fine, we just let them go, we're like come on, keep going, keep going, they wouldn't even slow down," Pauls said.

He said the detector was working Saturday night when shots rang out and injured three people. He said people can walk through with metal items, such as phones and keys and the system will alert operators of anything suspicious, such as weapons.

Kennywood also has a new bag policy that states only bags within the dimensions 8” x 5” x 1” as well as medical and diaper bags are permitted. To give an example, that's the size of a small clutch purse.

When the shooting happened, crowds frantically tried to exit the park. So, Pittsburgh's Action News 4 asked about the park's emergency response plan. Pauls said in case of an emergency, the park can open several gates, instead of using the tunnel to exit.

"It applies to all kinds of situations to be able to open those gates. We can't say go to gate B, because they don't even know where gate B is. People in that area open that gate and allow people to go out," Pauls said.

Saturday night, Kennywood said security believed there was a disturbance in the tunnel and redirected people from using it until it was safe.

They said they will work with employees to improve communication so park goers understand how to exit the park.

The park says the security detection system will be in place on Friday when the park reopens.


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