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KU student body president sees backlash over tweet

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) -KU student body president, Niya McAdoo, is getting lots of feedback from a statement she re-tweeted reading “Happy Friday everybody...Death to America. “with a grinning emoji at the end. It made many upset and wanting clarification on what she meant by the post.

One student named Grace replied to McAdoo’s post saying ”As a military affiliated student- I cannot stop thinking about this.”

She goes on to say “We are only days out from the recent military deaths in Afghanistan and days away from 9/11 which impacted my family in ways very few understand,” wrote the student.

Many are calling the statement is anti-american.

McAdoo explained saying ”Please know that is death to America that was built on indigenous genocide and the backs of Black slaves. If you’re worried about the people in the service of the military, be mad at your government because my words shouldn’t make you this mad.”

Later McAdoo tweeted “...I have free speech like anyone else, and I’m not going to apologize for advocating for the death of a country built on racism.”

We reached out to McAdoo to explain further and she would not do an interview or take any questions at the time.

We also reached out to KU for comment on the situation but have not heard back.

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