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Lubbock sanctuary needs help to feed 90 rescued horses

Lubbock  KCBD logo Lubbock KCBD 7/29/2022 Patricia Perry
The owner of Rescued Animals Second Chance, Beth Nickels, feeding rescue horse Willie. © Provided by Lubbock KCBD The owner of Rescued Animals Second Chance, Beth Nickels, feeding rescue horse Willie.

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Rescued Animals Second Chance is in dire need of help. It works to save horses from slaughter and these horses live the rest of their lives there.

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The owner, Beth Nickels, tells me this is something she loves doing and will never stop.

“I think that it’s just our moral obligation. God has given me a good gift of this land and the opportunity to take care of these horses,” Nickels said.

At the Second Chance Sanctuary, all horses get feed and supplements based on their needs to try to get them to a healthy weight, after suffering abuse and neglect. Some of the horses, need a little extra TLC.

“Took us six months to get his weight on, his teeth were really bad and it took the vet to float his teeth three times where he could try to eat a mash for food,” Nickels said.

With a total of 90 horses, 68 being rescues from across the country, Nickels says it gets expensive to care for them. It’s $25 for a bag of feed, which is up $10 from last year. She estimates needing a total of 300 round bales of hay to make it through spring, which are prices at $150 each.

“We just need financial donations for feed and hay. Our hay is, is really scary. I’m scared about that, I’m afraid we’re gonna run out,” Nickels said.

It’s becoming harder to save the horses, too. Nickels says when she first started she could save a horse for $800, now it can be up to $2,500.

“Killer buys him for $200, well he will put him on Facebook for $1,000 to save him. He triples his money and it’s become a very vicious cycle since I started rescuing in 2014, heavily,” Nickels said.

Nickels grew up saving dogs from the street, and always loved horses. She knows this is something she is called to do.

“The kill pen near Dallas and there was 30 babies there going to slaughter from some ranch and it’s just heart wrenching to think that...they’re innocent animals that are going to die a horrific death,” Nickels said.

During COVID-19, Nickels started doing emergency surgeries at Covenant to make money when her practice shut down. Now, she maintains two jobs to have enough money to care for these horses, because they are family to her.

“I’m just gonna keep praying and hope people will reach out and help us,” Nickels said.

If you would like to donate to Rescued Animals Second Chance, you can click here and click on the donate button.

You can also write a check to Rescued Animals Second Chance Inc. and send it to 4606 21st St. Lubbock, TX 79407-2312.

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