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Mahomes mural moved: KCK artist removes mural from home following violation warning

KCTV Kansas City logo KCTV Kansas City 3/25/2021
graffiti on a wall © (KCTV5 News)

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) – On Wednesday, a crew of Chiefs fans completed an art transplant. They moved a Mahomes mural from the side of its creator’s home in KCK following a violation warning to remove it or face possible fines.

Before the side of Chris Chancey’s home became plain siding once again, KCTV5 News watched neighbors drive and walk by hoping to see the Mahomes mural one more time near 123rd Street and Donahoo Road in Kansas City, Kansas.

The crew got to work at 7 a.m. Wednesday to remove it. “It was a rough morning,” Chancey said. “A lot of people are really sad and upset. They're disappointed that it has come to this.”

Chancey received a letter last week from the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas that said he had until March 31 to remove or paint over the mural. If he didn’t, he could have received a summons and potentially faced fines from $100-$1,500.


“I’m going to go ahead and bow out to the city, let them win this one,” Chancey said. “I have a gentleman that decided that he was going to come down and make sure this painting lived on.”

The UG sent a statement at KCTV5’s request last week that said, in part, “Unfortunately, murals, including awesome ones like this, are not allowed in residential (R1) areas per the City’s Code of Ordinances.”

“I didn’t want to see it painted over,” Larry Rodina said. As a fellow Chiefs fan, Rodina did not want the 13 foot by 9 foot tribute to the team’s Super Bowl win and the city disappear. “We’ve been friends with Chris and Christie for a long time,” Rodina said. “We’ve always enjoyed and actually own some of his other paintings.”

The Rodina Company owner offered to remove and replace the mural with the help of members of Chiefs Kingdom. They carefully removed each nail, then slowly lifted and lowered the mural piece by piece to the ground. “That’s Patrick, do not hurt Patrick!” Chancey said as the quarterback’s portion of the mural was removed. “I'll be making a trip down there to touch it up and make sure it's all put back together looking even better than it did here,” Chancey said.

The mural is headed to Rodina’s son’s place at the Lake of the Ozarks. “Which faces the Mill Creek arm at the lake, so loyal Chiefs fans will have full display of it from the water and from land,” Rodina said. “It’s for all the loyal Chiefs fans that truly appreciate that.”

Chancey says it’s very likely another Chiefs mural could be coming to his neighborhood soon.


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