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Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims Violence Needed To 'Stand Up' To Trans People

Newsweek logo Newsweek 2/24/2022 Ewan Palmer
Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) holds a press conference to call for the dismissal of Dr. Anthony Fauci on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, on June 15, 2021. © JIM WATSON / AFP/Getty Images Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) holds a press conference to call for the dismissal of Dr. Anthony Fauci on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, on June 15, 2021.

Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene appeared to suggest the threat of violence is "exactly how we need to stand up" against trans and non-binary people in society.

Speaking on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' InfoWars show on February 20, Greene criticized reports that biologically male counselors who use they/them pronouns at a science camp in California shared a cabin with fifth-grade girls, as well as transgender woman competing in sporting events.

Greene described the reports that the non-binary counselors at the Camp Pali in San Bernardino slept in the same cabin as the school girls as "evil" before suggesting her husband would have attacked the counselors if her children were at the camp.

"First off, if I was a parent and my fifth-grade daughter had to sleep and showered in some kind of cabin at some summer camp that I paid money to send my child to, and there was a man calling himself a woman sleeping in her cabin, showering with her, that guy would, he'd be in jail. He would be in jail," Greene said.

"Well, first off, my husband would've beat him into the ground, and then he'd be in jail. But this is exactly how we need to stand up against this stuff."

There was no suggestion that the counselors showered with the fifth graders at the cabin, and the parents of the Weaver Elementary School student have not accused them of any crime, reported KTLA.

Greene's comments were condemned after they were highlighted by Media Matters for America.

Minnesota Democratic Party Chairman Ken Martin tweeted: "GOP Rep. Greene went on TV and advocated for physical assault against Trans people. If you think these ideas are outside of the mainstream of the GOP, consider this—she is the biggest GOP congressional fundraiser in the U.S."

Author Ron Hogan said: "Just to be clear, Greene was not speaking metaphorically. She unequivocally put forward literal physical assault as a preferred solution' to the 'problem' of trans people existing in society."

Video: Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘We Ended Racism,’ But Now It Is Back With CRT (Newsweek)


When approached for comment by Newsweek, Greene's spokesperson Nick Dyer said: "You are a liar. She didn't call for violence. Stop regurgitating Democrat activists."

Elsewhere during her appearance on InfoWars, Greene suggested that exposing children to trans an non-binary people is a form of "grooming" while claiming that no children are born "thinking they're another gender."

"It's their parents that are training them that way. It's these mothers that think it's like a handbag. They need to have a boy, a girl, and a trans child as if they're some kind of accessory," Greene said.

The congresswoman also criticized the men who are "silent" against "protecting" women while also raising the debate around trans people competing in physical sports such as UFC.

"We want men, real men, to stand up and say we're not going to allow you in our daughter's bathrooms. We are going to allow you in our girls cabins at camp, we are going to allow you to beat down our women and our daughters," Greene said.

This is not the first time Greene has spouted anti-trans rhetoric.

In February 2021, Greene posted an anti-transgender sign outside of her congressional office reading: "There are TWO genders: MALE & FEMALE 'Trust The Science!'"

The sign was placed directly across the hall from Illinois Democratic representative Marie Newman's office, who has a transgender child.

In response, Newman displayed a trans pride flag outside her office.

The incidents occurred while Greene was trying to block the Equality Act, which would have extended civil rights protections to the LGBTQ community.

Update 2/24/22, 9:31 a.m. ET: This article has been updated to include comment from Greene's spokesperson.

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