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Mom starts Facebook group to help parents find baby formula

WISN Milwaukee logo WISN Milwaukee 5/16/2022
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The baby formula shortage continues across the nation leaving parents scrambling to find what they need for their children.

A Milwaukee mother has created a community of parents to help lessen the fear.

Parents are running to stores across Milwaukee hoping to find the infant formula they need but instead are met with bare shelves.

WISN 12 visited several stores and found shelves largely empty.

"I have had a lot of trouble finding formula right now," Samantha Wiegele said.

With no end of the formula shortage in sight, Wiegele decided she needed help.

"I thought it would be easier for me to find formula if i reached out to other people instead of driving around to all the stores," Wiegele said.

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Wiegele created a Facebook page, Milwaukee Formula Parents, originally for her friends to help them find in stock formula, but overnight, it's grown to nearly members posting daily about in-stock formula they're finding in nearby stores.

"First and foremost, all the parents, you know, are also scared and want to work together to help it and not feel so much alone with it," Wiegele said.

Hundreds of parents are sharing posts about formula they need, or formula they have found on shelves, hopefully helping others in their search.

"Because right now, we're able to find a can here and can there, but I don't know what we are going to do if we cant find any anywhere," Wiegele said.

Abbott Nutrition, the manufacturer of many popular formula brands, is awaiting FDA approval to reopen the troubled Michigan facility that prompted the recall.

It could reopen within a couple weeks, and even then, it could take six to eight weeks before the formula could be back on shelves.

Click here to visit the Milwaukee Formula Parents.

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